MSVUMount Saint Vincent University (Halifax, Nova Scotia)
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This state of affairs goes some way to explaining the contempt for other than consumerist art amongst MSVU students, most of whom are homegrown.
As faculty members at MSVU, this is what we'd like to know as well; but the question suggests that art college students are ill-equipped to address what Collyer has called "the real world.
However, Humphrey and Collyer found that the environment for feminist art at MSVU was at best indifferent and at worst toxic.
24) Collyer, who worked for the MSVU Art Gallery on a short-term contract as a special projects officer, believes that establishing that position as permanent would be another way to foster visual literacy, to enable inexperienced art audiences to interpret, evaluate and comprehend what they see.
29) In other words, broad-based feminist activism is crucial: federal and provincial governments have withdrawn more of their already meager support for the visual arts; NSCAD persists in evading feminist politics; MSVU in recent years has retreated from its at least rhetorical emphasis on a women-centred mission.
MSVU saw a 26% increase in the number of students who transferred from other institutions, drawn by an innovative mix of programs that combine professional studies with the best of a liberal arts and science education.
Whitewood spent six years as a senior level executive with Nova Scotia's Capital Health Authority before joining MSVU.
Seven-and-a-half months pregnant at the time of her interview with MSVU, she asked for -- and enthusiastically received -- permission to delay her duties with the university until Madison was born; in the interim, she consumed as much information and material about MSVU as possible to prepare for her new role.