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MSecMulticast Security
MSecMandrake Security
MSecMedical Supplies & Equipment Company (various locations)
MSecMyanmar Securities Exchange Centre (est. 1996; joint venture; Myanmar and Japan)
MSecMessage Security
MSecMathematical and Scientific E-Content
MSecMohamed Sathak Engineering College (India)
MSecMongolian Securities and Exchange Commission
MSecMajor and Special Events Committee (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
MSecMountain State Employers Council
MSecMennonite Secondary Education Council
MSecMaster of Science in Economics
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0 msec, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000 msec for audio and textual data transmission.
Simple main effects based on the significant interaction revealed that in the 2000 msec condition the subjective position of the target in the cue condition significantly displaced closer to the gazed location than that in the no-cue condition (F (1,1) = 23.
Imaging parameters included a TR of 10,002 msec, effective TE of 145 msec and TI of 2200 msec.
At this rate, one beam occurs for 30 msec and four pulses must be ignored for every tuning step.
For more than 70 years, MSEC has served the employment law and human resource needs of the business community, helping employers manage all phases of the employment life cycle.
However, this doesn't mean that the pixel can be read out every 8 to 12 msec and provide an accurate answer.
Broadly, patients are categorized as low (QTc of 500 msec or less and no prior syncope), intermediate (QTc over 500 msec or prior syncope), or high risk (post-cardiopulmonary resuscitation or spontaneous torsades de pointes).
These findings should be considered when assessing the risk-to-benefit ratio of hormone therapy [in men], especially in patients with a baseline QT interval of more than 450 msec and in patients who are treated with class IA or class III anti-arrhythmic drugs," Craig M.
0 msec intervals, which enable extremely accurate measurement of test force effects in the elastic or break regions, according to the manufacturer.
Start-up delay is 10 msec with a 7 msec response time, with on/off cycling in less time.
They operate with a high-speed 500 msec overall cycle time and 0.
SDNN msec The standard deviation of all NN intervals, an estimate of overall variability.