MTAPPManufacturing Technical Assistance Production Program (US Air Force)
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Moreover, the formation of hydrogen bonds between the APP powders and TPU molecular chains improve the compatibility, which decreases the migration of the MTAPP [15].
Among the weight ratio of MTAPP to PA6 3 : 1 (PPMA2) has obtained a highest charred residue which is 16.
c] of PP in composites is most likely due to the decrease of inorganic particles MTAPP content, which will cause a decrease of its nucleation substrate.
As listed in Table 5, the incorporation of MTAPP deteriorates seriously the tensile strength, impact strength and elongation at break of the PP matrix.
The results show that the combination of MTAPP with PA6 to flame-retarded PP composites has a high LOI value than only MTAPP to the PP matrix.