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MTASMulti-Sensor Target Acquisition System
MTASModular Target Acquisition System
MTASMetallic Test Access Shelf
MTASMetallic Test Access System
MTASMultifunctional Telecommunications Addressing System (NANP)
MTASMultisensor Target Acquisition System
MTASMetal Test Access Switch
MTASMedical Training Application Service (UK)
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Statistics from 2009 for the free centre show referrals to MTAS increased by 70% in the first six months of the year.
In accordance with the complexity of MTAS, a series of convoluted abbreviations has been invented in order to confuse this exercise.
The Review Group modified "the basic architecture" of MTAS, affecting the interview process.
She said a review of the MTAS system had shown that "criminal offences may have been committed" with regard to the site.
Following the catastrophic failure of the MTAS online system, and concerns that many of the brightest and the best had not been short-listed, all junior doctors who had applied were offered one 30-minute rescue interview.
Brenda Green, from Knowsley joined campaign group Mums4Medics to support her daughter Natalie, a junior doctor applying for training posts through MTAS.
Further information on the MTAS declaration inquiry and a copy of the ACCC MTAS Declaration Inquiry Final Decision are available on the ACCC s website.
There was further upset last week when Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt announced that the use of computer-based MTAS to assess the merits of candidates was being abandoned for the second round of job interviews.
MTAS stands for the Medical Training Application Service - an online application system designed to allow juniors to apply centrally for training rotations.
MTAS has come in for heavy criticism from junior doctors and senior medics, who have branded it unfair.
The MTAS is a wholesale service that mobile network operators offer each other so that calls on different networks can be connected.