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MTBMountain Bike
MTBMycobacterium Tuberculosis (also seen as MBT)
MTBMaking The Band (TV show)
MTBMotor Torpedo Boat
MTBMarshall Tucker Band
MTBMexico Tourism Board
MTBMeant to Be
MTBMinus The Bear (band)
MTBMain Terminal Building
MTBMozilla Thunderbird (email client)
MTBMichigan Talent Bank
MTBMeet the Beatles (Beatles album)
MTBMachine Tool Builder
MTBMaterials Transportation Bureau (DOT)
MTBMount Burgess Mining NL
MTBMum to Be
MTBMineral Technology Branch (CANMET)
MTBMissile Torpedo Boat (Norway)
MTBMotion Tracked Binaural Sound (acoustics)
MTBMaximum Therapeutic Benefit (treatment plateau)
MTBMaintenance of True Bearing
MTBMountain/Trials Bike
MTBMagnetic Torque Bar
MTBMessage Transport Binder
MTBMid-Amble Transmission Burst
MTBMulti-Terminal Binning
MTBMaintenance Training Bay
MTBMission Training Brief (military instructions)
MTBMidfield Terminal Building (United Arab Emirates)
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The performance of the COBAS TaqMan MTB test was comparable with the L-J culture and MGIT 960 in its performance as a diagnostic test in our study.
The rapidly growing outdoor recreational activity, mountain biking in Oman, had a very humble beginning in the early nineties when an MTB group was started by a group of enthusiasts.
The MTB aims to get the current system working better.
She said: "I am delighted to be in a position to play a leading role in the acquisition of MTB because I know my late husband Paul held the firm in very high esteem.
As before, we asked whether the inhibition of cellular activities dependent on organellar motility was attributable to the presence of extra MAP4 or MTB, or whether it was due to the MAP-induced alteration in MT stability.
Tony Law's MTB 48 was one of five in a flotilla which set out from Dover to intercept the Scharnhorst, Gneisenau and Prinz Eugen which were protected by six destroyers, 24 E-boats and a screen of air cover.
NYSE: LTM), the Healthy Way of Life Company, today announced that registration is open for the 2013 Leadville Race Series events, including the Leadville Trail 100 MTB lottery, Leadville Trail 100 Run and all other Leadville events and training camps.
According to schedule, MTB would start operation in 2019.
5 billion) for the MTB, said the state news agency Wam, citing a senior official.
In recent years several rapid molecular assays for the diagnosis of MTB and MDR-TB have been introduced to reduce diagnostic turnaround time.
Summary: The MTB will be the largest architectural structure in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, visible from more than 1.
6) * AFB, acid fast bacilli; MTB, Mycobacterium tuberculosis; RIF, rifampin; TB, tuberculosis.