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MTBFMean Time Between Failure(s)
MTBFMean Time Before Failure
MTBFMedium Term Budgetary Framework (Ministry of Finance; Pakistan)
MTBFMark Time Between Frames (digital multiplexing)
MTBFMid-Term Budget Framework (IMF/World Bank)
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Once the established target reliability level for a laboratory and the MTBF for the pipette population are determined, the the optimal calibration frequency can be found.
This frequency should be related to the amount and criticality of pipette use and the lab's MTBF experience.
A higher MTBF due to durable construction and specialized coatings and cable reduces the total cost of operation and provides a positive long-term result.
Furthermore, the value of each M is dependent upon [theta]*, the specified MTBF the contractor must try to reach with each modification, and upon [theta], the current MTBF of the population of items procured.
Battery-operated and totally wirelessCono data or power wiring is required; long MTBF (battery life up to 2 years with two-minute reporting intervals)
The country was experiencing almost 50 percent decline in foreign investment and hoped that introduction of MTBF from the next fiscal year will pave way for attracting more investment in the country, which will help in narrowing down trade and fiscal deficit of the country, they added.
The more disks that are added to a stripe, the lower the MTBF goes.
Trazar-manufactured Automatic Impedance Matching (AIM) networks provide MTBF in excess of 40 months.
An MTBF greater than the service life does imply that the expected failure rate is less than one per unit over its lifetime but it says absolutely nothing about how long this life is.
0M hour MTBF, like Hitachi's Deskstar E7K500 SATA drive, will play an increasingly important role in data centers that require 24 x 7 availability for disk-to-disk backup, email/video archiving and other nearline storage applications.
AIT-3 drives are designed for a mean time between failure (MTBF) of up to 400,000 hours (compared with DLT's 250,000 MTBF rating) and a 100% duty cycle.