mTBIMild Traumatic Brain Injury
MTBIMathematical and Theoretical Biology Institute (various locations)
MTBIMean Time Between Interrupts
MTBIMean Time Between Inspections
MTBIModular Task-Based Information
MTBI4-Methylthio-3-Butenyl Isothiocyanate (cruciferous vegetable cell compound)
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Hoge et al (6) found MTBI and PTSD to be strongly associated with 40% of Soldiers meeting criteria for PTSD who had a history of loss of consciousness.
The association of multiple MTBI with prolonged recovery, persistent neurologic disability and rare fatal injury, as well as the demonstrated advantage of primary or repeat MTBI prevention, has resulted in an explosion of public awareness and demand for modern MTBI prevention, evaluation and treatment for athletes and nonathletes.
Available evidence does not support the use of PCS, they concluded, adding that clinicians should consider PTSD risk and treatment for patients with MTBI.
The results also indicate that DTI is sensitive to group differences in blast-related MTBI even in the post-acute phase.
His first two MTBIs as a pro left him unable to find his way home to Newport Beach from a restaurant one evening after dinner, as told in a December 1994 article in Sports Illustrated titled "A Bell Is Rung.
Research has shown that 85 to 90 percent of MTBI veterans completely recover and return to baseline within 1 year.
The variables for market to book ratio, MTBI, and debt, HASDEBTI, are not significant while the size variable, SIZEI, is significant in the abnormal cash flows model.
Some studies show that up to 15% of people diagnosed with MTBI experience persistent disabling symptoms.
We examined all patients presenting with MTBI at the Emergency Department of the University Hospital Maastricht over a period of 2 years.
More than 75% of all injuries are classified as MTBI without clearly defined biomarkers, transitions, trajectories, or help-seeking patterns (CDC, 2003).
Twenty-eight MTBI patients (with 19 followed at one year) with post-traumatic symptoms after injury and 22 matched controls (with 12 followed at one year) were enrolled in the study.
To investigate the etiology of PCS, the researchers developed a cognitive-behavioral model that compared MTBI patients who did and did not develop the syndrome.