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MTLMontreal (Canada)
MTLMonatlich (German: monthly)
MTLMean Tide Level
MTLMore To Life
MTLMedial Temporal Lobe (brain)
MTLMatrix Template Library
MTLMicrosystems Technology Laboratories
MTLMath Teacher Link
MTLMore Than Likely
MTLMovimiento Territorial de Liberación (Spanish: Territorial Liberation Movement; Argentina)
MTLModern Terminals Limited
MTLMulticonductor Transmission Line
MTLMore to Love
MTLMilitary Training Leader
MTLMy True Love
MTLMessage Transfer Layer (ITU-T)
MTLMaximum Tolerated Dose
MTLMetric Temporal Logic (computer science)
MTLMedium-Term Loan
MTLMinimum Triggering Level (DO 181C RTCA specification)
MTLMicrostrip Transmission Line
MTLModerate Temperature Loop
MTLMore Taste League (beer commercial)
MTLMore Than Love
MTLMaster Target List
MTLMission Time Line
MTLmission tasking letter (US DoD)
MTLModal Transmission-Line (method)
MTLMaster Task Listing
MTLMaster Training List
MTLMultisetting Torque Limiter
MTLMaster Tracking List
MTLManual Tie Line
MTLMaster Tool List
MTLMean Track Life
MTLMinimum Termination Liability (Sprint)
MTLMobile Telephone Laboratory
MTLMean Traffic Load
MTLMechanically Tuned Laser (IEEE)
MTLMoving Target Locator
MTLMiller Taste League (beer advertisement)
MTLMetal Tiles Ltd (UK)
MTLMaltese Lira (ISO currency code)
MTLMathematical Thinking and Learning
MTLMobile Technology Lab
MTLMalawi Telecommunications Limited
MTLMother Tongue Language
MTLMaterials Technology Laboratory
MTLMain Telephone Line
MTLManufacturing Team Leader
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MTL also provides start-up cash, money it collects by taking 15% of profits from each mini-business.
In only its second year as a stand-alone business, MTL is turning over in excess of pounds 1.
Over the past 100 years researchers studying amnesia have made great strides in uncovering the structures and functions of the MTL memory system.
MTL technicians installed three MTL8000 systems at the Columbia Gas site in Artemus, Pa.
MTL has a strong business franchise, with Thailand's largest market share of 19.
Scrips that contributed positively included HBL that added 38 points, UBL 35 points, ENGRO 35 points, LUCK 31 points and MTL that contributed 30 points to the index gain.
MTL Servers has always put forth its vision on high availability hosting solutions with today's industry-leading technologies.
By joining MTL, ST said it will be able to push its research efforts to fully exploit 'near-threshold' technology and reach far below the actual power consumption limits of energy-efficient System-on-Chip solutions.
It means the agency can now press ahead with its plans to create the Liverpool Digital science park over three separate plots including the MTL site,adjacent land it bought from telecommunications group Marconi,and part of Wavertree Technology Park.
El MTL presiono al gobiemo para que pasara un 10% de sus subsidios a sus trabajadores, que usan el dinero para costear sus microempresas.
When fully introduced, the Caterpillar MTL product line will include three radial lift models (the 247,267 and 277), as well as two vertical lift machines (the 257 and 287) on two frame sizes.
MTL, on behalf of Warwickshire County Council and the North Warwickshire Community Partnership Team, has been working with people in former mining communities to help develop a strategy where local residents have more of a say about how services in the area are run.