MTP3Message Transfer Protocol 3
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8226;Supports MAP MTP3 layer (over TDM) and M3UA, M2UA, M2PA layers (over IP) messages
Init Script instructions are implemented for SCTP, MTP3 TCP, HDLC and UDP transports.
Katana750i-based signaling gateways make it easy to connect TDM-based PSTN networks to IP-enabled STPs, SCPs, HLRs, VLRs and MGCs, providing a transparent connection from an MTP2 instance in the TDM network to an MTP3 instance in the IP network.
Access to all MTP3, M3UA, M2PA, SCCP, and CAP protocol fields such as Routing Number, Called Party Number and more
Telcordia conducted an extensive set of tests to analyze Winphoria's implementation of the MTP2, MTP3 and ISUP layers of SS7, as defined in the following generic requirements: GR-246-CORE, GR-317-CORE, GR-394-CORE and GR-606-CORE.
M2PA achieves this objective by preserving SS7 MTP3 functions: network availability; sequence-, error- and congestion-control; and rapid link failure detection / rerouting response.
A complement of APIs ensures smooth integration with MTP3 and the upper layer SS7 stacks.
A complement of APIs insures smooth integration to MTP3 and the upper layer SS7 stacks.
IntelliNet Technologies of Melbourne, Florida, a leading global provider of SS7/IP Convergence solutions, today introduced an enhanced IntelliSS7(TM) Application Development Platform (ADP) that can support the MTP3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA) and SCCP User Adaptation Layer (SUA).
IPS7 concepts are driving a set of standards-based packet signaling protocols, including stream control transmission protocol (SCTP), MTP2 User Adaptation Layer (M2UA) and MTP3 User Adaptation Layer (M3UA).