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MUACMassey University Alpine Club (New Zealand)
MUACMelbourne University Athletics Club (Australia)
MUACMovimiento Universal Anti Censura (Spanish: Universal Anti-Censorship Movement; Chile)
MUACMongolian University of Arts and Culture (Ulan Bator, Mongolia)
MUACMixed Use Activity Center
MUACMid Upper Arm Circumference
MUACMaastricht Upper Area Control Center (air traffic control; Belgium)
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Table 1 shows the prevalence of acute malnutrition based on MUAC values for each of the age groups.
23,24 A decrease in mortality and morbidity rates of dialysis patients have been found to be associated with increase in BMI, TFF and MUAC, particularly in patients with a BMI of 23 kg/m2 or higher.
MUAC was measured using non-stretch tapes at the midpoint between the lateral acromion and distal olecranon process when arm flexed to 90 degrees at the elbow.
The MUAC is a much simpler anthropometric measure than the BMI, as its use eliminates the need for expensive equipment, such as height charts and scales, and the need for calculations.
Optimal screening of children with acute malnutrition requires a change in current WHO guidelines as MUAC and WHZ identify different patient groups.
Finally, large scale multicenter studies are needed to determine the accuracy and reliability of NC in identifying overgrowth and obesity in the Iranian pediatric population and to compare it with other assessment parameters (namely WH, BMI, MUAC, and TST) before recommending it as a screening tool in pediatric care and/or research.
Various studies have been conducted on the performance of MUAC in diagnosing SAM, of which majorities were hospital-based and very few were community-based studies.
The mean values of the estimated current weight, MUAC, TSF, MAMC, and calf circumference decreased significantly during the patients' stay in the ICU.
A South Sudanese boy has a MUAC test, designed to detect malnutrition (Photo: ACF-South Sudan/T.
It uses MUAC and BMI techniques for gauging the child and mother growth respectively.
However, measurements of middle of the Upper Arm Circumference (MUAC) has been adopted an easy, quick and precise method to detect malnutrition in children under five year age group18 MUAC is better indicator to observe nutritional status in children in emergency situations.