MUISMajlis Ugama Islam Singapura (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore)
MUISMonash University Islamic Society (Victoria, Australia)
MUISMacquarie University International Scholarships (New South Wales, Australia)
MUISMelbourne University Islamic Society (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
MUISMishel Uncertainty Illness Scale (psychology and physiology)
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The MUIS has demonstrated reliability and validity with a standardized alpha of .
The MUIS consisted of four subscales whose individual scores were combined for a total uncertainty score.
A third limitation was the use of the revised MUIS instrument.
Currently, at least five restaurants and other food outlets have been certified halal by MUIS.
They follow the trail of American fast-food giants in Singapore, which already received halal certification as far back as the early 1990s when MUIS first introduced the certification scheme.
Under the scheme, all religious teachers will be urged to register themselves with MUIS and only those granted a ''letter of recognition'' by MUIS will be allowed to teach in the scores of mosques and Islamic religious schools, better known as madrasahs, he said.
The inauguration of MUIS in 1968 also provided the Muhammadiyah with an immense opportunity to enhance its standing within the Muslim community in Singapore.
40) For details of the establishment of MUIS though the provisions of the Administration of Muslim Law Act (AMLA), see The administration of Muslim Law Act, 1966 (Singapore: Government Printers, 1966).
Presentation by Jules MUIS, Internal Auditor of the European Commission - IAS final report on contracts concluded by Eurostat (5.
CORRIGENDUM(Please log in to view the Documents) Version 124 Oct 2016Capella Singapore - amend per pax rate & add MUIS cleansing cost.
CORRIGENDUMVersion 116 Sep 2016To amend suppliers initial bid to include MUIS cleansing and 10% service charge.
An alumna of NUS who read Law on a MUIS scholarship, Madam Halimah graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) in 1978, and a Masters of Laws in 2001.