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MULTIPATHthe Possible Multiple Routes for A Single Beam of Energy
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This is the same Multipath technology as used in Apple's iOS7 for Siri and the App Store," says Collery, "we have been deploying it for over a year
The result is reduced multipath interference, leading to significantly improved tag read performance of UHF RFID readers.
While the growth of ultrasonic meters to measure process and flare gases is not as rapid as is the growth of multipath meters for custody transfer of natural gas, it is still an important factor in the overall growth of ultrasonic meters.
By choosing appropriate parameters for the cyclic prefix each tone can be made orthogonal, even in the presence of multipath signals.
The Tenor DX models now offer support for up to 96 SIP user agents, and the Tenor Carrier MultiPath Switch offers support for up to 192, allowing larger installations to be deployed, and offering more broad application support, such as VoIP local access.
Like other conventional meters, multipath ultrasonic meters need careful installation for measurement accuracy.
The Tenor AXT 4800 joins the existing Tenor AX VoIP MultiPath Switch and Gateway products, which are available in 8, 16 and 24 port models.
and Canada, as well as Asia, Europe and Australia, ultrasonic multipath metering has the potential to be a breakthrough technology in natural gas measurement throughout the world.
Diversity Antennas: Antenna diversity is a technique by which two or more antennas are used on a wireless device in order to null multipath signal distortion.
May 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Quintum Technologies, a leading innovator in VoIP technology, today announced the introduction of the Tenor BX Series MultiPath Switch.
1875 for a 63 percent increase as the developer of Multipath movies said its content will be offered to users of At Home Corp.
Like its fixed infrastructure counterpart, the V652M brings another dimension to inventory identification and visibility - 100% reads, adjustable read ranges, an update rate of over 2000 tags per second, superb performance in industrial multipath environments and full mobility.