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MUMMumbai (Bombay), India
MUMMaharishi University of Management
MUMMiss You More
MUMManned and Unmanned (US Army)
MUMManaging Uncertainty in Medicine
MUMMera Urdu Messenger
MUMMass United Movement (South Africa)
MUMMaximum Useful Magnification
MUMMulti Use Message
MUMMeters Uber Meer (German: meters above sea level)
MUMMonthly Update Meeting
MUMMultiplexer Uplink Module
MUMMulti Use Manuscript
MUMMensch und Maschine (German: Man and Machine; software)
References in classic literature ?
I won't waste no time a-cryin', but git your things ready right away, mum," she said heartily, as she wiped her face on her apron, gave her mistress a warm shake of the hand with her own hard one, and went away to work like three women in one.
We'll keep mum, but there ain't any need to tell who you are if you ain't Jubiter Dunlap.
Seth looked a little conscious, and began to be slower in his preparations for going, but Mum Taft broke silence, and said, "Aye, aye, Adam lad, ye talk like a young un.
at 'ud do that, 'at has as little as he has: for you know, mum, he's nowt at all to live on but what he gets fra' th' Rector, an' that's little enough they say.
If you please, mum," said the voice of a domestic from somewhere round the angle of the door, "number three is moving in.
If they did get the dog of a strange poacher, no gamekeeper or constable could identify 'm by the dog-- mum was the word.
And even if they did, they wouldn't know who it was and they's keep it mum for me.
Mum is asleep, and Fan out, so I loafed down to see if there was any fun afoot," said Tom, lingering, as if the prospect was agreeable.
He does the queerest things, but he is so good to me I can't help loving him"; and, nestling closer to little Mum, Rose told all that had happened, ending with a rapturous account of the splendid box.
No, mum - or else, they have said some things about Mr.
The little kitchen-maid on her promotion was standing at her mistress's side, quite delighted during the operation, and wagging her head up and down and crying, "Lor, Mum,
I think she might have been mistrustful, mum,' answered Sloppy, hesitating.