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MUNMemorial University of Newfoundland
MUNModel United Nations
MunMunji (linguistics)
MUNMaturin, Venezuela (Airport Code)
MUNMilk Urea Nitrogen
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L/LT always employed MUN students in a variety of support roles.
Commenting on Georgetown SFSQ's MUN, Singapore charge d'affaires Syed Noureddin said: "It is refreshing to have youth with such enthusiasm and energy engage on such issues.
At MUN, you cannot afford to be modest," said Maleka.
MUN conferences, which are an imitation of actual ones at the United Nations venue, allow students to discuss global and international affairs at a more competitive level, raising their awareness about politics, economics and global issues.
The bargaining employees started with the strike on Friday, 23 September at the mine's main gate after the proposed agreement between Rossing and MUN was not accepted by the employees.
If victorious, like varsity sports teams, MUN teams return home as heroes with shiny trophies and certificates commemorating their effort at international platforms like regional MUNs, or the ultimate MUN -- the Harvard University-organised World MUN.
Many DIA students have already taken part in six MUN sessions, including those at The Hague, New York and Harvard.
Examples can be found in three herding accounts, MUN 318 dealing with bovines and MUN 329 and 330 dealing with caprids.
MUN and Labour Resource and Research Institute, Windhoek 2002
MUN develops the professional skills that undoubtedly will give us an advantage as we pursue careers in both public and private sectors," says Godfrey.
Organised by Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar (SFS-Q) the MUN takes place at the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) and runs up to Sunday.
TAISM senior student Daniel Jackson, who represented Seychelles and took on the role of the Chair for part of the sessions, has been involved in MUN for three years.