MUSCLMinistries United South Central Louisville (Louisville, KY)
MUSCLMonotonic Upwind Scheme for Conservation Laws
MUSCLMulti-Sensory Computing Laboratory (Colorado State University, Electrical & Computer Engineering Department)
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4] compared the QSOU scheme and the third-order upwind MUSCL (Monotone Upstream-centered Schemes for Conservation Laws).
The intercell fluxes were evaluated based on Roe's approximation of Riemann solver with second-order accuracy as obtained by employing a MUSCL reconstruction technique, which provides an accurate description of flow near the moving waterline for dry and wet boundaries.
Meanwhile, FVM combined with other numerical methods such as finite element method, Upwind format, Runge Kutta method and some new developed methods including MUSCL [2], Roe [3], TVD [4], ENO [5] and other, which results in a series of innovative and effective ways.