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MUSLMulti-State Lottery Association
MUSLMichigan United Soccer League
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Given the amount of time spent with first-year students in MUSL 141, I focused my assessment on this part of the instruction program.
I also continue to embed in MUSL 141 every semester.
When there is only one section of MUSL 141 being taught, it means two-and-a-half hours in the classroom per week; when two sections are taught simultaneously, it is more than five hours a week.
If one of the goals of MUSL 141 is to prepare students to write research papers, I needed to place greater emphasis on these issues during our information-literacy sessions.
I made a few changes to the blueprint for MUSL 141 to correct some of the problems that I had identified:
11) Figure 2 is one of the active learning exercises that I now use in MUSL 141.
Revised information-literacy assignment for MUSL 141