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MUSLMulti-State Lottery Association
MUSLMichigan United Soccer League
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Given the emphasis being placed on information literacy in MUSL 141, I decided to try a technique suggested by my colleague Leslie Foutch, a librarian at Vanderbilt's Peabody Education Library.
Because Calico had taught MUSL 141 on a regular basis, she was familiar with the challenges that the course presented to students.
Figure 1 shows part of the research process checklist assigned in conjunction with the first writing assignment for MUSL 141.
Given the amount of time spent with first-year students in MUSL 141, I focused my assessment on this part of the instruction program.
It is a testament to our game designers and their creative vision that WMS was selected by MUSL to translate this popular brand into a wide area progressive offering, especially in light of the strong industry interest in the brand.
The current MUSL members are: Arizona Lottery, California Lottery, Connecticut Lottery Corporation, Colorado Lottery, D.