MW3MechWarrior 3 (MicroProse/Microsoft game)
MW3Modern Warfare 3 (Call of Duty video game)
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Each Call Of Duty: MW3 Hardened Edition comes in a SteelBook case and contains a code for one year's Call Of Duty Elite Premium membership, Founder status on Call Of Duty Elite, an exclusive Special Ops Juggernaut Xbox Live outfit, a limited edition collectable field journal featuring the entire saga and authentic military sketches.
Infinity Ward have confirmed that the first DLC for MW3 - two new multiplayer maps - will drop on January 24.
Gamers can ratchet up the excitement even further with the Xbox 360 Limited Edition Console package, featuring a console with custom Call of Duty[R] MW3 artwork, a 320GB hard drive, two wireless controllers, custom Modern Warfare -inspired system audio and a copy of the game.
For those less xenophobic gamers, there is a hugely satisfying online multiplayer war-zone that really builds on the MW3 experience.
The vehicle features 32-inch off-road tyres, unique Mopar exterior accessories, interior badges and Call of Duty graphics, black or silver exterior colours, with 'Call of Duty: MW3 Special Edition' graphics on the front fenders and spare tyre cover, a power dome hood, a winch-ready front bumper, new rear bumper, rock rails, tail lamp guards and a unique fuel-filler door.
The project oversaw the construction of various streets in the Mussaffah Industrial Area complete with car parks for the M26, MW4, MW2, MW3, M39 and M40 sectors.
The motors drive Fairfield Millennium series MW3 triple planetary Torque-Hubs with a 36:1 ratio.
T Ashahda, mv Mona and mv BBC Ontario carrying containers, palm oil, steel product and general cargo are expected to take berths at QICT, LCT, MW2 MW3 respectively on Monday, while containers ships 'Asir' and 'CMA CGM Debussy are due to arrive at Port Qasim on Tuesday, 'CMA CGM Corneille' & 'Maersk Hartfor' are due to arrive Wednesday.
AS you read this, MW3 has already helped the COD series break all retail records, making it the biggest entertainment launch of all time.
The warning should be there in that the games are all about shooting people, but then add in the slaughtering of an innocent mother and child, a return visit to the controversial airport massacre of a previous outing and a particularly violent hanging - and that''s just MW3 - and can''t then complain you didn''t know what were exposing little Timmy to.