MYMVMung Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus
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The influence of air temperatures, rainfall and relative humidity on whitefly and MYMV severity was significant when analyzed through stepwise regression (Khan et al.
Recently, different alphasatellites such as cassava mosaic (virus) alphasatellite, Gossvpium darwinii symptomless alphasatellite, Vernonia yellow vein Fijian alphasatellite associated with EACMKnV, and CLCuBV, MYMV were isolated from different hosts i.
0 g per 100 seeds; development of MYMV resistant, non shattering and synchronous maturing varieties in mungbean and urdbean, development of high input responsive, wilt resistant varieties in chickpea, development of early maturing varieties in pigeonpea suitable for multiple cropping and green seeded variety of field pea for diversified food uses.