MYRBSMassachusetts Youth Risk Behavior Survey
MYRBSMichigan Youth Risk Behavior Survey
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If students with these sorts of objections were, in fact, in any of the sessions, they were most likely in the minority at Harvard's Graduate School of Education and may, therefore, have felt unsafe (somewhat ironically, given what the GLSEN and MYRBS data show about LGBTQ youths' feeling unsafe at school) voicing these opinions to their peers.
At Bard, I use my lesson juxtaposing core values and universal student rights, on the one hand, with the GLSEN and MYRBS data, on the other, in the context of a ten-week course titled "Identity, Culture, and the Classroom.
Over the past five years, many students have chosen to cite the GLSEN and/or MYRBS data in their final projects and to argue for the rights of all students to a supportive learning environment.