MZSMario Zucchelli Station (Antarctica)
MZSMetal Znak Smrti (Czech: Signs of Death Metal; band)
MZSMalaysian Zoological Society
MZSMinimum Zone Straight Line (see LSZ)
MZSMulti-Zone System (building energy)
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In particular, considering a WDM channel spacing of 2 nm, 57 channels can be allocated in the 115-nm bandwidth of the three-waveguide MZS, whereas 30 channels are allowed in the 60-nm bandwidth of the two-waveguide conventional configuration.
Moreover, considering the arrangement of the two MZS configurations into 4 x 4 switch matrixes, the overall insertion losses were evaluated showing that the maximum insertion losses are comparable in the two cases (i.
Finally, the performances of the two MZSs assembled into 4 x 4 switch matrices are evaluated.
The above-mentioned analysis, through the combination of the FEM drift-diffusion model and the FD-BPM model of the electromagnetic propagation, provides a description at the physical level of the MZSs which characterizes the device behavior at the ports (as shown in Figures 2 and 3).
The ON and OFF conditions, denoted respectively by 1 and 0, are also reported in Table 1 for the six MZSs.
j], involves three MZSs which can be either in the ON or in the OFF conditions.
Conversely, the total insertion loss is the sum in dB of the IL contributions of the three MZSs encountered by the signal along the generic path.
Moreover, from Figure 6 we can see that only the signal paths with all the three MZSs in the ON state are characterized by an almost constant trend of the IL spectrum, i.
The Tables 2 and 3 also specify the MZSs being in the ON state along the signal path from the input [I.