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The Mango Passport[R] Mobile app for iPhone[R], iPod touch[R] and Android[TM] is available for free from the iTunes app store and the Android app store.
A nutrient rich fruit, mangos contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals, supporting optimal function of processes throughout the body.
After Holland, China, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the main importers of mangos.
MULTAN -- The export of mangoes to different countries from Multan would commence at the arrival of tasty "Chuansa" in the local market after July 5, informed President Mango Growers Association Multan Maj (retd) Tariq.
Besides several varieties of mangos being for public display, the organisers had also arranged other special mango delicacies prepared out of these mangoes using organic spices and herbs like mango pickles, mango cakes and muffins, mango juices and other items.
Nine of the awards garnered by Mangos were linked to the innovative work the agency created for Don Rosen Imports, a Conshohocken, PA-based Porsche/Audi dealer and regional sales leader.
They noticed adults who consume mangos tend to have a higher intake of certain nutrients like potassium and dietary fiber, which help contribute to a balanced diet.
He said the mangos were dehydrated in a drier and then processed in slices and cubes.
In connection with the first consignment to China, he said that people will be surprised to know that china itself is 2nd largest producer of Mango in the world with annual production of 4.
The study published in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences suggests that adults who consume mangos tend to have a higher intake of certain nutrients like potassium and dietary fiber than those who do not eat mango, which contributes to a balanced diet.
After moving from New York to Southern California a year ago, Schlesinger and her husband, Bob, decided to open a unique clothing store for women called Boku Mangos, similar to the one they had back in Brooklyn called Mangos.
Assistant Professor and Director for Research, Institute for Obesity Research and Program Evaluation of Texas A&M University, examined the effects of polyphenols found in fresh mangos on cancerous and non-cancerous breast cells.