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MAALOXMagnesium and Aluminum Hydroxides
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Then I realized it was his desk set-up: the log, pencils, coffee cup and Maalox had disappeared.
The Maalox antacid products have packaging similar to that of Maalox Total Relief, which is used to treat diarrhea, upset stomach associated with nausea, heartburn, and gas.
You can find deals on well-known brands such as Maalox and Excedrin.
The remaining revenue comes from the sale of contact lenses and eye care products through Novartis Ophthalmics and CIBA Vision and its consumer health unit which includes Gerber baby foods, the cough and cold products Tavist and Theraflu, the laxative Ex-lax and the antacid Maalox.
While AZT, 3TC (Epivir), d4T (Zerit), and abacavir (Ziagen) come in tolerable liquid formulations, ddl (Videx) has to be given on an empty stomach, twice a day, and is mixed in an unpalatable Maalox suspension.
Here are a few observations about how to bring the creative process to a successful conclusion with minimal consumption of coffee and Maalox.
Maalox has been supplied to some 32,000 medical institutions and drug stores, while Maalox Plus has been shipped to 15,000.
One of last year's biggest coups is one of this year's biggest Maalox moments: Dillard's Inc.
The Starr Report challenged the AP's delivery systems, gave editors everywhere a Maalox moment in more ways than one, and brought the nation together in a way it did not particularly enjoy.
Others will be appropriately ambivalent, uncertain about what it is they hear in Krekorian's paternosters to nylon, his Maalox mantras, his just-wanna-be-like-you jeremiads.