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MADMutually Assured Destruction
MADMean Absolute Deviation
MADMake A Difference
MADMoroccan Dirham (ISO currency code)
MADMpeg Audio Decoder
MADMind Altering Drug(s)
MADMilitärischer Abschirmdienst (Military Secret Service, Germany)
MADMobile Armor Division
MADMuseum of Arts & Design (formerly American Craft Museum)
MADMultiple Ascending Dose (clinical trials)
MADMedian Absolute Deviation
MADMean And Dirty (Inspector Gadget)
MADMultiwavelength Anomalous Diffraction
MADMaintien a Domicile (French: Housekeeper)
MADMarket Abuse Directive (UK)
MADMotivated and Determined
MADMean Absolute Difference
MADMosquito Abatement District
MADMyoadenylate Deaminase Deficiency
MADMaster Agility Dog (dog agility title)
MADMotorists Against Detection (UK anti speed camera group)
MADMajor Affective Disorder
MADMarine Aviation Detachment
MAdMouse Adenovirus
MADMultiple Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase
MADMadrid, Spain - Barajas (Airport Code)
MADMoisture and Density
MADMichigan Algorithmic Decoder
MADMessage Address Directory
MADMagara Arastirma Dernegi (cave research society, Turkey)
MADMiddle-Aged Dating
MADmilitary air distress (US DoD)
MADMagnetic Audio Device
MADMemory Address Driver (BIOS)
MADMontana Association of the Deaf
MADMultiple Access Device
MADMy Adorable Darling
MADMAC-Address Descriptor (Cisco)
MADMagazine des Arts et du Divertissement (French: Arts and Entertainment Magazine; Belgium)
MADMass Acceleration Diagram
MADMean Administrative Delay (ITU-T)
MADMean Aerodynamic Diameter
MADMaladjusted, Antisocial, and Darn Mean (Tom of Thumb)
MADMaintenance Assembly-Disassembly
MADMini Attack Drone
MADMis-Aligned Die (coinage)
MADMaximum Allowable Delay
MADMotorcycle Adventure Destinations
MADMaster Account Domain
MADMixed Anxiety and Depression disorder
MADMedical Anchor Desk
MADMultiaperture Device
MADManaging Archaeological Data
MADMission Area Deficiency
MADMarina Academic Decathlon (Huntington Beach, California)
MADMaster of Air Defense
MADMargin for Adverse Deviation (finance; also seen as MFAD)
MADMarket Analysis Dormancy
MADMajor Activity Director
MADMission Area Directorate
MADMobility and Directories
MADMilitary Assistance Division (US European Command EUCOM)
MADMaintenance Action Directive
MADMilieuAdviesDienst Regionaal (Dutch: regional environment advice service)
MADMajor Account Designation
MADMaximum Applicable Dose
MADManagement Accounting Division
MADMagnetic Anomaly Detector/Detection
MADMedia Advertising and Design (various locations)
MADMastertronic Added Dimension (game publisher)
MADMember Appreciation Day (various organizations)
MADMultiple Administrative Domain (computing)
MADMothers against Decapentaplegic (protein)
MaDMommy and Daddy (scientists; University of California, San Francisco)
MADMayhem and Destruction (gaming clan)
MaDManufacturing and Design (various locations)
MADMesophilic Anaerobic Digestion
MADMusic Art Dance (various organizations)
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Mademoiselle Noemie had collected her accessories, and she gave the precious Madonna in charge to her father, who retreated backwards out of sight, holding it at arm's-length and reiterating his obeisance.
They won't experience Madonna the celebrity or Madonna the fashion statement but the Madonna who has kept us listening for decades: Madonna the musician," - Jon Pareles NY Times
Oseary said that Madonna has "no ill will" towards Lady Gaga and was recently listening to her recent duet with Tony Bennett and "appreciating it.
Still an aspiring pop star, Madonna hounded the New York party scene and in 1982 met American graffiti artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, whom she began dating.
Madonna, who is currently perched upon the top of the Billboard's Pop Charts, has survived changing musical trends and has outlived most of her original musical rivals.
Did Madonna get the Golden Globe because she attended the awards and agreed to be a presenter?
A May 2009 noise abatement measure by Madonna did not lower the volume, Ms.
I think it's still considered taboo," Madonna said.
Out popped Madonna, a dominatrix in jodhpurs, top hat and snapping a jeweled riding crop, delivering the recent ``Future Lovers,'' surrounded by topless male dancers.
The entire chapter 13 entitled, "Lady Madonna," presents Madonna Ciccone as a Catholic housewife, but she is not, because Susan Brown, the officiating minister, is not a Roman Catholic priest (cf.
Madonna feels their Scottish nuptials two years ago didn't seal their union properly.
Indeed, like Madonna, she mounts multiple attacks in various media, targeting most, if not all, of the senses.