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MAGGIEMajor Ageing and Gender Issues in Europe (EU)
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Talking of poor Tom and Maggie Tulliver brings to my mind a saying of George Eliot's in connection with this subject of melancholy.
The Coal Tar Maggie came sloshing into their midst with a light breeze astern, and they crowded on deck to see us.
We took no notice of the joking, but acted, after the manner of greenhorns, as though the Coal Tar Maggie required our undivided attention.
With only ten feet of water under us, this would permit the Coal Tar Maggie to swing in a circle six hundred feet in diameter, in which circle she would be able to foul at least half the fleet.
Didn't swipe it," Nicholas answered, meeting them on their own ground and encouraging the idea that we had stolen the Coal Tar Maggie.
On one such afternoon Anna and Maggie walked homeward together.
You'll see to-night," said Maggie, flushed with the wine of the first grapes she had gathered in Cupid's vineyard.
Across the floor Maggie sailed like a coquettish yacht convoyed by a stately cruiser.
Usually at the weekly hops Maggie kept a spot on the wall warm with her back.
Tulliver, desiring her daughter to have a curled crop, "like other folks's children," had had it cut too short in front to be pushed behind the ears; and as it was usually straight an hour after it had been taken out of paper, Maggie was incessantly tossing her head to keep the dark, heavy locks out of her gleaming black eyes,--an action which gave her very much the air of a small Shetland pony.
Oh, dear, oh, dear, Maggie, what are you thinkin'of, to throw your bonnet down there?
Oh, mother," said Maggie, in a vehemently cross tone, "I don't