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mgrMagister (Polish university degree)
MGRM. G. Ramachandran (politician in Tamil Nadu, India)
MGRMonthly Gross Rake (online poker)
MGRMajor Gene Resistance
MGRMedical Group Resources
MGRMTI Ground Radar
MGRMagnoporthe Grissa Repeat
MGRMultistep Gradual Rounding
MGRMinimal Global Routing
MGRMilitary Grid Reference
MGRMgarr (postal locality, Malta)
MGRMG Rover Group (British car manufacturer; Longbridge, UK)
MGRMurmurs, Gallops, or Rubs
MGRMichael, Gabriel and Raphael (archangels)
MGRMerry-Go-Round (train, bulk coal haulage)
MGRMedia Group
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Magister Advisors contends that the unicorn with the greatest risk is probably Shazam, a discovery-based app reliant on huge amounts of customer data.
Magister described Burke as an expert of the Canon Law and a strict follower at that, even "to the most uncomfortable consequences.
Magister Advisors predicts Facebook's share price will climb above $38 for the first time since the IPO, as analysts and investors form a better understanding of the "huge commercial potential" Graph Search offers.
The Dungeness crab, Cancer magister Dana 1852, supports commercial and sports fisheries in the Pacific Northwest from Alaska to California.
uniformis are from field guides (Stebbins 1954; Lemm 2006; Stebbins 2003; Conrad 2009) and likely reflect Sceloporus magister sensu stricto, not S.
France Galop has pointed to previous big fields, such as when Magister beat 27 rivals in the 1942 French Derby, which was shortened from 1m4f in 2005.
the intellectual father of modern American conservatism, attacked the social encyclical, Mater et Magister, and claimed the church was mater (mother), but not magister (teacher).
He was Georg Friedrich Poschmann (1768-1812) (Levickij 1903:371-374, Siilivask 1982:158, 162, Hiio and Piirimae 2007:177) who had obtained the degree magister philosophiae at the University of Leipzig in 1789.
We refer especially to mixed marriages between Catholics and persons of Orthodox, Protestant or Lutheran belief, which the Magister of the Ctaholic Church only accepted under certain circumstances).
I was well qualified for such an analysis given that Ethnologie (the German equivalent to social anthropology) was one of two subsidiary subjects in my initial Magister exam based on five years of study.
Finding trans-Caribbean-ness to be a new type of emergent nationalism, Henke (political science, Metropolitan College of New York, US) and Magister (a researcher at the Center for Literary and Cultural Studies, Germany) present 14 papers examining the construction of vernacular culture--"cultural expressions that are rooted within the sphere of the indigenous and popular"--across the trans-Caribbean.