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MAGNETARMagnetic Star (astronomy)
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This discovery allowed the astronomers to reconstruct the stellar life story that permitted the magnetar to form, in place of the expected black hole.
Magnetar Capital will utilize the entire fifth floor at 500 Park Avenue for its offices.
The magnetar, only 20 km (12 mi) across, contains more matter than the sun.
19 ( ANI ): Researchers have suggested that new class of supernovae could likely be originating from the creation of magnetars.
In a case filed in Manhattan federal court, the financier has accused both the firms that it had lost USD180m after Credit Agricole's Calyon unit prompted it in 2006 to deposit in a CDO secretly structured by Magnetar to remove money.
However, Magnetar had placed a bet that some of the assets that were included in the CDO would fail and BofA did not inform about this to investors who bought these CDOs.
It is likely that the magnetar, an ultra-magnetic neutron star, was part of a binary star system together with an anti-magnetar.
In one scenario, the core of the exploding star immediately forms a rapidly rotating, highly magnetized cinder called a magnetar.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (US SEC) is investigating Merrill Lynch, now part of Bank of America Corporation (NYSE: BAC), over a sale that it had structured for Illinois-based hedge fund Magnetar, the Financial Times has reported.
GE Energy Financial Services purchased a 58 percent interest in New York-based Lightfoot Capital from an investment vehicle managed by an affiliate of Magnetar Capital ("Magnetar Capital").
The object, known as SGR 0418+5729 (or SGR 0418 for short), is a magnetar, a particular kind of neutron star.
2 millionths of a second, and the magnetar was spinning down at a faster rate.