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M2MMachine-to-Machine (communication, mainly mobile)
M2MMobile to Mobile (cellular phone)
M2MMonth to Month
M2MMinutes to Midnight (Linkin Park album)
M2MMen to Men
M2MMetal to Metal (semiconductor antifuse structure)
M2MMorning to Midnight (New York grocery store)
M2MMarketplace to Marketplace
M2MMay 2nd Movement (anti-vietnam student movement)
M2MMark2Market (energy trading term)
M2MMilitary to Military (Program)
M2MMarit to Marion (musical group)
M2MMailbox-To-Mailbox (Sprint)
M2MManufacturer to Manufacturer (e-commerce exchange)
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Ameritech will offer its residential and business customers messaging services that include call answering, advanced message playback options, message waiting tone and mailbox-to-mailbox messaging within a local calling area.
Comverse's Network Systems Division's products include: multimedia enhanced services systems and software, which are currently used by more than 350 wireless and wireline telecommunications network operators to provide revenue-generating services such as call answering, wireless data and Internet-based information services, prepaid wireless services, mailbox-to-mailbox messaging, Internet-based unified messaging (voice, fax, and email in a single mailbox), wireless Internet access, interactive voice response, virtual phone/fax, one-touch call return, personal number service, call screening/caller introduction, voice-controlled web portal and other speech recognition-based services, Internet messaging, Internet call waiting, and other personal communication services.
The services include: call answering; Internet-based unified messaging (voice, fax, and email in a single mailbox); mailbox-to-mailbox messaging; device-independent, policy-driven mobile Internet platforms, including a router-based WAP gateway; wireless data and Internet-based information services; voice-controlled web portal and other natural-speech recognition-based services; prepaid wireless services; interactive voice response; virtual phone/fax; one-touch call return; personal number service; call screening/caller introduction; Internet call waiting; and other personal communications services.