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The Moroccan authorities frequently expel sub-Saharan migrants across the Algerian border, which is their main point of entry.
Strengthening of the Greek-Turkish border in the Evros region, which has become the main point of entry in Europe for asylum seekers and illegal immigrants, is also said to have led to a 30% decrease in illegal entries, according to figures cited by the Greek minister.
Working in co-operation with the Humber Trade Corridor, the Norwegian Seafood Council sees Grimsby as the main point of entry for frozen and chilled fish.
t means international air and seaports will be a main point of entry, so Liverpool is a key city to screen and gather samples.
Security at Edinburgh Airport, the main point of entry for the world leaders and the demonstrators, will be the tightest in its history.
This book will become the main point of entry for both serious and casual readers of Scottish history; it can be read for pleasure and information in its own right or, more likely, used as a reference tool, for occasional consultation.
It is the main point of entry for overseas visitors, and is also a day's drive from Lake Kariba, another popular tour point.
It was the capital of the Crusaders in the eleventh century and is historically considered the main point of entry into Palestine.
As the main point of entry to southern Portugal and the stunning Algarve region, Faro has long been a popular destination with holidaymakers in Aberdeen.
Greece has been the main point of entry into Europe for the refugees, and the influx has become tough to handle for the country, which is already going through its worst financial crisis in decades.
In Munich, the main point of entry for migrants to Germany, police said a total of 12,200 migrants arrived on Saturday and the flow is continuing into the city.