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MSNMmetros sobre el nivel del mar (Spanish: meters above sea level)
MSNMMsn Messenger
MSNMMulti Service Network Manager
MSNMMainstream News Media
MSNMMidsummer Nights Madness (girls basketball tournaments)
MSNMMetro Switching Network Manager
MSNMMSN (Microsoft Network) Messenger (Microsoft)
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The Daily Show is "a hybrid of comedy and authentic news that exploits mainstream news media, adding a comic layer of interpretation, and pointing out the failures of conventional standards of news reporting" (Gaines, 2010, p.
While listservs can serve as a counterbalance to mainstream news media, because of the frankness with which members approach their discussions, very little material posted in online communities is archived.
This was achieved through a combination of digital technologies (a smartphone and email) and the mainstream news media.
It also involved raising awareness in the mainstream news media, and then seeking to maintain this throughout the course of the crisis.
The purpose of this study is to examine the weaknesses of mainstream news media, the progressively effective functionalities projected for news accessing, the emergence of new sources of information made possible by current forms of media, and the function of ordinary people in news production.
The GSS didn't bother to ask if we trusted the government or Wall Street or the mainstream news media.
Instead of associating global journalism with national comparisons of media systems or defining it as an ethically <<corrective>> form of journalism, Berglez sets out to develop the idea of global journalism as an epistemological updating of everyday mainstream news media.
Most mainstream news media have chosen to ignore considerable evidence from the social media of the accused that they were either members of the Crips gang, or were trying very hard to become members.
Perhaps most striking is the vastly increased attention the mainstream news media have given the subject this year, with few exceptions.
According to the Daily Life, Louise North, senior lecturer in journalism at Monash University and the author of the new nationwide study, found that the mainstream news media in Australia are still dominated by men at almost every level today.
While mainstream news media and industry trade publications certainly cover many aspects of medical device safety, they do not always delve as deeply into the industry's testing protocols, which are an essential piece in the process.
Stark representation is also at the heart of Jennifer Dalton's exhibition of new work at Winkleman Gallery, Cool Guys Like You, in which she takes Stewart and other darlings of the liberal mainstream news media to task for their lack of female guests.