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MPŠMinistarstvo Poljoprivrede, Šumarstva I Vodnoga Gospodarstva (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestery and Water management, Croatia)
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20) A separate study has been taken up as views of HCPs regarding male participation in M&NBC, is equally important to design programme strategies to suit men for improving newborn survival and making pregnancy safer for women.
On the last day, chaired by Ms Daisy Mafubelu of WHO, the Department of Making Pregnancy Safer presented on 'Global Initiatives to improve maternal health--how can parliamentarians get involved?
As the Making Pregnancy Safer initiative gained momentum, it became clear that to act effectively to prevent maternal deaths, countries required more information than maternal mortality ratios or death certificate data, as neither of these on their own give enough information about which women are dying or why they died, or what can been done to prevent such deaths in future.
The meeting was organised by the WHO Dept of Making Pregnancy Safer and was attended by many of those present in Geneva for the World Health Assembly.
Chantal Gillard, a Dutch Labour Party Member of Parliament with responsibility for development co-operation and medical ethics, brought together on Mother's Day in May a high-level group of representatives including Nester T Moyo of ICM and Dr Monir Islam of WHO Making Pregnancy Safer (Chantal, Nester and Monir are seen in the front row of the picture).
From the WHO Making Pregnancy Safer department: 'As one of the oldest and most respected professions in the world, the work of midwives is celebrated annually on 5 May .
A set of training manuals developed to equip midwives with essential lifesaving skills is now available from the Making Pregnancy Safer department at the World Health Organization (WHO).
The meaning of professionalisation has evolved over the years, Lennie continued, to focus more on service delivery and making pregnancy safer for childbearing women and their newborns.
A skilled attendant is an accredited health professional--such as a midwife, doctor or nurse--who has been educated and trained to proficiency in the skills needed to manage uncomplicated pregnancies, childbirth and the immediate postnatal period, and in the identification, management and referral of complications in women and newborns (taken from WHO, Making Pregnancy Safer, 2004).
Also featuring in the conference programme is a WHO workshop based on the United Nations Millennium Project, which will include presentations on the Making Pregnancy Safer initiative and the Strengthening Midwifery toolkit.