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The Bulgarian MEP made clear that no sector had achieved a good male/female balance in senior management.
Using their own vehicles, a male/female pairing can drive around the circuit for a special one-off track day.
24 Australorp Male/Female 1 RW Murray 2 P Wheeler 3 DS&V Jarman
AC Silkie male/female 1, 2 and 3 G Tinson and L Hiddon.
55-60 male/female supremacy (50 winner, 25 runner-up, 10 third).
But, instead of examining how this was done to clarify the male/female binary hierarchy, the author applies this conceptualization to argue that there were also progressively more reified definitions of manhood in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
He contends that honesty is the best approach for all partners in relationships: male/female, male/male or female/female.
uk An at-a-glance guide to Wales' top universities: Aberystwyth University Students: 9,300 Male/female ratio: 1:1 Founded: 1872 State-school students: 93% Drop-out rate: 7% Living-expenses budget (excluding tuition fees, recommended by university): pounds 4,775 Campus: Most students are taught at the 1960s-built Penglais campus which looks out over Cardigan Bay.
Salaries broke the $40,000 barrier; male/female member mix was at a 60 (female)/40 ratio.
gi] is the natural log of male/female wages, and [X.
The male/female ratio of fetal deaths and births in Japan.
David Mills's arrangements of brooding jazz, romantic to atonal classical music, and earthy street sounds spiked the landscape of male/female, reality/fantasy and group/solitude dynamics.