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M/MMass/Muscle Radioactivity (nuclear medicine)
M/MMean Lactulose/Mannitol (pathology)
M/MMonocyte/Macrophage Lineage (immunology)
M/MMr. and Mrs.
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When the Roman Empire became Christian (in the years after 313), it took both Levitical law and Paul's teachings very seriously, translating them into criminal law so that male/male sex became a capital crime.
He contends that honesty is the best approach for all partners in relationships: male/female, male/male or female/female.
If you are tempted to repeat the experiment in this age of moral absolutism, be forewarned: The researchers report male/male pairs got a bigger boost than female/female or male/female pairs.
For example, models for interpreting male/male desire based consecutively on morality, psychiatry, Kinsey Report-inspired pragmatism, and gay rights allowed for the emergence of gay sexuality as a legitimate form of desire.
Vito, the video's chief character, moves from the "prayer closet" of a chapel into a water closet, a public restroom where he has male/male sex.