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MALMalay (language)
MALMinistry of Agriculture and Lands (Jamaica)
MALMaintain At Least ... (altitude)
MALMajestic America Line (formerly American West Steamboat Company and Delta Queen Steamboat Company)
MALMaximum Allowable Level (water treatment)
MALMaster of Arts in Liberal Studies
MALMicrofabrication Applications Laboratory
MALMechanized Allowance List
MALMacro Assembly Language
MALMinimum Analytical Level
MALMedical Academy of Latvia
MALMaster Authorization List
MALMilitary Authority Lire (Libya currency)
MALMateriel Allowance List
MALMine Actuation Level
MALMaster Agreement List
MALModular Agate Line (Canadian media buying)
MALMicrowave-Aided Liposuction
MALModification Approval Letter (Canada)
MALMicroArchitectural Level
MALMilitary Assault Laminate
MALMaintenance Access Line
MALMarketing Assistance Loan (various organizations)
MALMusic in American Life
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Teeth that are improperly aligned, or maloccluded, cannot properly perform essential oral functions.
Orthodontics are often used when teeth are crooked, poorly spaced or maloccluded, which means that the bite is misaligned.
Some patients may benefit from orthodontics, which straighten crooked teeth and maloccluded bites.