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MAMASMother Attorneys Mentoring Association of Seattle (est. 2006; Seattle, WA)
MAMASManaging Agrochemicals in Multi-Use Aquatic Systems (EC)
MAMASMid-Atlantic Microbeam Analysis Society (National Institute of Standards and Technology; Gaithersburg, TN)
MAMASMary Ann Morris Animal Society, Inc. (Bamberg, SC)
MAMASMassachusetts Academy of Mathematics and Science
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It seems designed to attract our attention, mama,' said Kate.
Dear mama,' rejoined Kate, 'don't say a word to him, but let us run away as fast as we can, and shut ourselves up till Nicholas comes home.
Very much relieved by his disappearance, Kate was turning to speak to her mama, when the dirty hands again became visible, and were immediately followed by the figure of a coarse squat man, who ascended by the steps which had been recently occupied by their singular neighbour.
Todas las mamas son unas mentirosas", dice Dieguito, como si el supiera lo que hacen todas las mamas.
Desde 2004, o Ministerio da Saude (9) recomenda como estrategias para a deteccao precoce do cancer de mama tres eixos fundamentais: o autoexame realizado mensalmente, o exame clinico das mamas anualmente, realizado por medicos e enfermeiros, em todas as mulheres, especialmente naquelas com 40 anos ou mais de idade, e o exame mamografico, a que idealmente toda mulher com idade entre 50 e 69 anos deveria sub meter-se anualmente.
The latest move comes less than a month after Mamas & Papas unveiled a new outlet at the prestigious Villagio shopping mall in Doha, Qatar.
Hoy en dia, el descubrimiento de Rontgen se utiliza para obtener imagenes de muchas otras partes del cuerpo, incluidas las mamas, lo que ha facilitado la pronta deteccion de tumores malignos: es decir, que ha salvado o alargado la vida de millones de personas en todo el mundo.
With the Red Hot Mamas, women are offered a forum to learn about menopause and to ask experts questions to better understand the changes that occur during this time.
Tony Brown, the television host, author and self-empowerment advocate, reveals the source of his strength in What Mama Taught Me: The Seven Core Values of Life (William Morrow, April 2003, $24.
And you want the woman you marry to be just like your mama.
To transport your baby in complete comfort with minimum fuss and disturbance, use the Uni-Traveller TS as part of the Mamas and Papas Travel System.