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MFMedium Frequency (300-3000 kHz; 1km-100m)
MFMezzo Forte (music, moderately loud)
MFMother Figure (polite form)
MFMy Friends (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)
MFMutual Fund
MFManual Focus
MFMedium Format
MFMassey Ferguson
MFMetal Fingers (MF Doom hip hop artist)
MFMiss Fortune (gaming)
MFMolecular Formula (chemistry)
MFMonday through Friday
MFMobile Fighter (gaming)
MFMelodifestivalen (Swedish music competition)
MFMajor Function
MFMaynard Ferguson (jazz trumpeter)
MFMinistry of Finance
MFMylene Farmer (singer)
MFMetal Face (Doom)
MFMozilla Firefox (internet browser)
MFMiddle Finger
MFMetaFrame (Citrix Systems)
MFMark For
MFManaged Futures
MFMaster File
MFMotor Function (drawing documenting motor wiring)
MFMyelofibrosis (blood disease)
MFMain Floor
MFMycosis Fungoides (skin disease)
MFMaster Frame
MFMale or Female?
MFMasterFormat (construction specifications)
MFMarianne Faithfull (singer)
MFMedlem af Folketinget
MFMagic Find (gaming)
MFMagic Find (Diablo II game)
MFMedia Format
MFMagnetic Flux (physics)
MFMuscle Fiber
MFManagement Facility
MFMembrane Filter
MFMatched Filter
MFMobile Facility (US DoD)
MFMillennium Falcon (Star Wars)
MFMore Fragments (IP)
MFMoonfire (gaming, World of Warcraft)
MFMountain Forum
MFMagnum Force (movie)
MFMaintenance Facility
MFMuscle Force
MFMozilla Foundation
MFMulti-Family Residential (zoning)
MFMezzanine Floor
MFMain Force
MFMandatory Frequency (airport communications)
MFMultiple Frequency
MFMount Fuji
MFMail Forwarder
MFMain Feed
MFMillennium Force (roller coaster, Cedar Point, OH)
MFMedian Frequency
MFMysterious Figure (gaming; Kingdom Hearts)
MFMedia Filter
MFMicrofilaria (biology)
MFMill Finish (engineering)
MFModifying Factor
MFManson Family (cult)
MFMineral Fiber (plasterboard)
MFMail Fraud
MFMozilla Firebird (internet browser)
MFMucous Fistula (stomas)
MFMiddle French
MFMetallic Finish
MFMaster of Forestry
MFMode Filter
MFMinority Front (South Africa)
MFMachine Finished
MFMedal of Freedom
MFMetroid Fusion (video game)
MFMoisture Free
MFMain Filter
MFMediation Function (SONET)
MFMichael Finley (basketball player)
MFMixed Field (blood agglutination reaction)
MFMajor Frame
MFMinesweeper Flags (game)
MFMidnight Fury
MFMinor Frame
MFMore Follows
MFMission Flight Engineer (US Air Force)
MFMacroeconomic Forecasting
MFMotivational Force
MFMelt Freeze
MFMaintenance Float
MFManagement Finding
MFMilitary Function
MFMeter Fix
MFMattitude Follower (wrestling)
MFMinistria e Financave (Albanian: Ministry of Finances, Albania)
MFMound Facility (Miamisburg, Ohio)
MFMutua Fides
MFMicheal Flatley (Lord of the Dance)
MFMercury Forums
MFMiddle Fork Railroad
MFMerrimac Ferry (Wisconsin)
MFMahashakthi Foundation (Sri Lanka)
MFMessage Forwarder (ITI)
MFMidget Peeper Radar Jam (US Navy)
MFMultiple Formulation
MFMessage Forthcoming
MFMesocarp Fiber
MFMethylphosphono-Fluoridic Acid
MFMantle Floor
MFMaxx Fusion (Bloog vapor)
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A statement on a website devoted to keeping "the Manson Family Killers in Prison" said: "Ms.
Sebring was killed by the Manson Family in the Sharon Tate slayings in 1969.
Using the Manson Family two years before the Tate-LaBianca murders as a portal into 1960s counterculture, "Aquarius" is actually pretty groovy--a bit like a poor man's "L.
On 9 August 1969, members of notorious commune the Manson Family broke into Polanski's home while Tate was entertaining guests.
Augusta Funds Management is buying one of the buildings in Telecom's headquarters from the Manson family in a deal for $65 million.
Van Houten was a member of the Manson Family, the gang of killers led by Charles Manson in the late 60s.
The book cover states that this book is a "fictionalized exploration of cult dynamics, loosely based on the Manson Family murders of 1969.
Other topics include fear of terrorism on the Web; violent "superwomen" in the cases of the biblical figure of Judith, the comic book character Wonder Woman, and Lynndie England (the US army reservist prosecuted in connection with the Abu Ghraib torture scandal); the traitor and sanctified violence in the movie Esther and the King; mysticism and the Manson Family movies; the use and abuse of the apocalypse in contemporary film; and the religious significance of violence in football (soccer) and professional wrestling.
As the Manson family slowly disintegrates it's revealed that the mysterious Paula' is at the bottom of it all.
Warpaint sounds like the ghosts of Laurel Canyon wafting up to liberate themselves from Los Angeles' darkest buried secrets--the psychic detritus of 40 years of drugs, debauchery, death, Didion's Manson Family and Des Barres' Doors.
A confusion of circumstances eventually led members of the Manson Family to arrive at the house of film director, Roman Polanski, on August 8, 1969, where they proceeded to slaughter the five people in the house at the time, including Polanski's pregnant wife, Sharon Tate (Roman was in London at the time).
Kathryn is sent to question prisoner Daniel Pell, known as the "son of Manson" due to his cult activities and the brutal slaying of the wealthy Croyton family in Carmel, mimicking the murders committed by the Manson family years earlier.