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MSSManaged Security Services (information security)
MSSMaximum Segment Size (TCP/IP)
MSSMobile Satellite Services
MSSMass Storage System
MSSManufacturers Standardization Society
MSSMultiple Sclerosis Society
MSSMaxtor Shared Storage
MSSMission Support Squadron
MSSMulti-Spectral Scanner
MSSMerit System Services
MSSMobile Servicing System
MSSMinistry of State Security (Chinese counterintelligence organization)
MSSManagement Support System
MSSMaternal Serum Screening
MSSMidwest Sociological Society
MSSMission Support System
MSSMicrosoft Sales Specialist
MSSMainzer Studienstufe
MSSMaritime Satellite Service
MSSMultispectral Scanner System
MSSMarket Stabilization Scheme (Reserve Bank of India)
MSSManagement System Standard
MSSMaster of Space Studies
MSSMarinesco-Sjogren Syndrome
MSSMember of the Same Sex
MSSMessage Switching System
MSSM.S. Swaminathan (Indian agricultural scientist)
MSSMaster of Social Science
MSSManufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve and Fittings Industry, Inc. (also seen as MSSVF)
MSSMilitary Sensing Symposia
MSSMobile Soft Switch
MSSMultiprotocol Switched Services (IBM)
MSSMedical Support Services
MSSMinistry of Social Services (replaced by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Canada)
MSSMarketing Support Services (New Richmond, OH; est. 1987)
MSSMaster of Social Service (degree)
MSSMobile Support Station
MsSMagnetostrictive Sensor
MSSManagement Systems Solutions
MSSMarshall-Smith Syndrome
MSSMessage Storage Server (Avaya)
MSSMassena, NY, USA (Airport Code)
MSSMobile Service Structure
MSSMaster of Strategic Studies
MSSMulti-State System
MSSMAN Switching System (Seimens/Stromberg Carlson)
MSSMidland Secondary School (Canada)
MSSMinesweeper, Special (Device)
MSSMinimum Service Standards
MSSMarket Segment Share
MSSMaintenance Subsystem
MSSMagnetic Sensing System
MSSMohammed Saeed al-Sahaf (former Iraqi Minister of Information)
MSSMetropolitan Switching System
MSSMarket Survey System
MSSMedical Student Society
MSSMaximum Signal Strength
MSSMonash Science Society (Monash University, Australia)
MSSMission Support Site (US military special forces)
MSSMontfort Secondary School
MSSMaster-Slave Synchronization
MSSMutual Separation Scheme (Malaysia)
MSSMobility Services Suite (Symbol Technologies)
MSSModular Space Station
MSSMobile Support System
MSSManic Syndrome Scale
MSSMaintenance, Start-Up, and Shutdown (Texas Commission on Environemental Quality)
MSSMechanical Systems Simulation
MSSMemphis Soaring Society (aviation)
MSSMeasurement and Stimulus Subsystem
MSSMissile System Supervisor
MSSMobile Switching Station
MSSMobile Servicing Station (space station)
MSSMedical Service Specialist (USAF)
MSSMicrosoft Support Services
MSSMarine Safety and Security
MSSManagement Statistics Subsystem
MSSMarine Scout Sniper
MSSMotion Sensing System
MSSMilitary Supply Standard
MSSMine Search System
MSSmeteorological satellite subsystem (US DoD)
MSSMillimeter Simulation System
MSSMechanically Separated Species
MSSMissile Security Squadron
MSSMerrimac State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
MSSMudgeeraba Special School (Gold Coast, Australia)
MSSMaximum-Shear-Stress Theory (mechanical engineering)
MSSMission Systems Sector
MSSMaterials Science in Space
MSSMaintenance Service Supplier
MSSMeteorological Sounding Systems
MSSMedium Sun Sensor
MSSMaximum Soil Slope
MSSMajor Shore Spares
MSSMudgeeraba State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
MSSMeterological Satellite System
MSSMissile Surface-to-Surface
MSSModular Simulator System
MSSMissionaries of the Blessed Sacrament (religious order)
MSSmaritime security surge (operations)
MSSManav Sthali School (New Delhi, India)
MSSMiami State School (Gold Coast, Australia)
MSSModified Scram System
MSSMarket Share System (US Army recruiting)
MSSMission Scheduling System (NASA)
MSSMiddle Stage Switch
MSSMechanized Specification System
MSSMain Shaft Speed
MSSMilitary Supply Standards
MSSMessage Support Subsystem
MSSMeasure and Support Services (Sprint)
MSSMechanical and Structural Subsystems
MSSMicroprocessor System Status
MSSMormon Scripture Studies
MSSMarine Salt Solution
MSSMcKeesport Symphony Society (McKeesport, Pennsylvania)
MSSMatrix Switch System
MSSMoored/Mobile Surveillance System
MSSMuscle Signs and Symptoms
MSSMultimedia Synchronization Server (Empirix)
MSSMississippi Space Service
MSSMateriel Support System
MSSManufacturing Services Sector
MSSMicroprocessor Solutions Sector (various organizations)
MSSMarket Street Solutions (Chattanooga, TN)
MSSMedical Surgical Supply
MSSManagement Software System
MSSMetrocrest Social Services (Farmers Branch, TX)
MSSMain Street Station
MSSMiracle Software Systems (various locations)
MSSMember Satisfaction Survey (various organizations)
MSSMorehouse School of Medicine (est. 1975; Atlanta, GA)
MSSMidlands Security Systems (UK)
MSSMaxim Staffing Solutions (various locations)
MSSMiddle School South (various locations)
MSSMunicipal Support Services (various locations)
MSSMedical Staff Services (various organizations)
MSSMicrosoft Search Server (software)
MSSMultiple Steady State
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Denham was still occupied with the manuscript, "which contains several poems that have not been reprinted, as well as corrections.
He mailed the bulky manuscript to THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, and on Saturday afternoon, after having planned an article on pearl- diving, he went to see Ruth.
Many of the manuscripts which are kept in Ireland have never been translated out of the old Irish in which they were written, so they are closed books to all but a few scholars, and we need not talk about them.
And then, appalled at the length of all the poem, at the volume of the mystery, she rolled the manuscript and put it away.
The Oriental noblemen had removed their own illuminated manuscript, and had removed nothing else.
Then would the apostle call to him an Indian boy, one of his scholars, and show him the manuscript which had so puzzled the learned Englishmen.
The comte closed his manuscript, took the young man's arm, and went out into the garden with him.
Twelve years had passed since I had read the remarkable manuscript of this remarkable man; this man who remembered no childhood and who could not even offer a vague guess as to his age; who was always young and yet who had dandled my grandfather's great-grandfather upon his knee; this man who had spent ten years upon the planet Mars; who had fought for the green men of Barsoom and fought against them; who had fought for and against the red men and who had won the ever beautiful Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, for his wife, and for nearly ten years had been a prince of the house of Tardos Mors, Jeddak of Helium.
I did write them - in the garret - but they by no means helped her to get on with her work, for when I finished a chapter I bounded downstairs to read it to her, and so short were the chapters, so ready was the pen, that I was back with new manuscript before another clout had been added to the rug.
Presently I shall stuff my folded manuscript into the thermos bottle I have carried with me for the purpose since I left the fort--Fort Dinosaur we named it--and hurl it far outward over the cliff-top into the Pacific.
I am forced to admit that even though I had traveled a long distance to place Bowen Tyler's manuscript in the hands of his father, I was still a trifle skeptical as to its sincerity, since I could not but recall that it had not been many years since Bowen had been one of the most notorious practical jokers of his alma mater.
She entered the room slowly with her everlasting manuscript in her hand.