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MOMissouri (US postal abbreviation)
MOMoney Order
MOModus Operandi (Latin: Mode of Operating)
MOMU Online (gaming)
MOMail Order
MOMotor Oil
MOMobile Office
MOMobile Office (Airtel)
MOMontana (less common)
MOMorocco (Including Ifni)
MoMouse (medical research specimen)
MOMedical Officer
MOMember Organization
MOPhilip Morris (stock symbol)
MOMortal Online (gaming)
MOMacau (ISO country code, top level domain)
MoMorse (nautical)
MOModena (Emilia Romagna, Italy)
MOMicrowave Oven
MOMolecular Orbital
MOMarketing Officer
MOManagement Operations
MOMode of Operation
MOMineral Oil
MOMain Objective
MOAltria Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
MOMetal Oxide
MOMostar (auto registration for Mostar, Bosnia)
MOMobile Operator
MOMoral Obligation
MOMarching Orders
MOMobile Originated (telecommunications)
MOMagnum Opus
MOMahavishnu Orchestra (jazz-rock fusion group)
MOMorbid Obesity
MOMethod of Operation
MOMobile Station
MOMarketing Optimization
MOMarine Officer
MOMaîtrise d'Ouvrage (French: Project Management)
MOModern Orthodox
MOMetal Object
MOMixed Oxide
MOMiddle Office
MOManaged Object
MOManual Override
MOMaintenance Officer
MOMichael Olowokandi (basketball player)
MOMega Octet (French: megabyte)
MOMilitary Outpost (gaming, Pardus)
MOModification Order
MOMathematical Olympiad
MOManagement Object (OSI)
MOMars Observer
MOMaster Oscillator
MOManufacturing Order
MOMaintenance Optimization (mathematical model)
MOManpower Office
MOMedical Orderly
MOMission Orders
MOMovement Orders
MOMilicja Obywatelska (former Polish police)
MOMission Observer
MOManpower and Organization
MOMental Observation
MOMasonry Opening
MOMedula Oblongata
MOMorpholino antisense Oligonucleotide
MOManagement Systems Office (NIMA)
MOMaps and Overlays
MOMiscellaneous Operation
MOMcLean Orchestra (McLean, VA)
MOMunitions Operations
MOMesio-Occlusal (dentistry)
MOMostly Orthogonal
MOMicrobe Obliterator (WALL-E)
MOMOD51 (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
MOMassey-Omura (multiplier)
MOMyst Obsession (gaming website)
MOMusa-Okumoto (logarithmic Poisson method)
MOManomet Observatory (University of Missouri, Columbia, Biological Sciences, Columbia, MO)
MOMagnesia Oil (Haley's)
MOModule Outfitting
MOMilitia Operative
MOMedium Offense (gaming)
MOMaintenance & Operations/Operating
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Decnet/Pathworks is used for communication of GIS data across the Digital UNIX, VMS and Windows 95 platforms, with the jurisdiction moving toward a Windows NT environment, and MapObjects Internet Map Service 2/Visual Basic 5.
The authors thanks for the MapObjects license provided to the Department of Cartography by Gestao Empresarial e Informatica Ltda.
With the deployment of the ESRI Internet mapping product called ArcIMS, in 2003 the GIS Application Development Team decided to upgrade all Internet-based GIS applications from MapObjects IMS to ArcIMS.
Now field personnel can access data by selecting a point using an ESRI[R] MapObjects extension.
Also, during this time, an application was developed in ESRI's MapObjects, affectionately known as the "Pizza Delivery Guy" program, whereby departments who didn't own an ArcView license could have access to fundamental GIS data along with some rudimentary tools to query street addresses and to view aerial photos.
As previously announced, it also embeds de facto industry standard products including Oracle 8i's database products for the database, BEA WebLogic Enterprise(TM) for distributed, CORBA-based architectures and scalability, BEA WebLogic Server(TM) for web server access, the Mercator(R) Enterprise Broker e-business integration software, and ESRI's MapObjects for map-based dispatching.
MapObjects works in standard Windows development environments such as Visual Basic(R), Visual C++, Delphi(R), PowerBuilder(R) and others.
Therefore, the prototype temporal GIS has not been extended from any existing GIS or GIS engine, such as MapObjects, but it was programmed using Java.
In addition, The MA IV will be shown, demoing a new Automated Mapping and Facilities Management (AM/FM) Utilities application based on ESRI's MapObjects.
RMAPI, available as a standalone solution for any CAD system or as a plug-in to BCS's MARVLIS (Mobile Area Routing and Vehicle Location Information System), was developed around two ESRI software packages, MapObjects and NetEngine.
ESRI, for example, introduced MapObjects two years ago and is now breaking down its flagship product ARCINFO into parts-code name Open Development Environment (ODE) (ESRI 1998).