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MAPEMean Absolute Percentage Error
MAPEMinnesota Association of Professional Employees
MAPEMicrowave, Antenna, Propagation, and EMC Technologies for Wireless Communications (IEEE International Symposium)
MAPEMultinational Advisory Police Element (UN - Albania)
MAPEMonitor, Analyze, Plan, and Execute (Air Force Doctrine Center)
MAPEMicrocomputers and Primary Education
MAPEMusic, Arts, Physical Education
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The simulation performance of the population equation was especially good, having an historical MAPE of 0.
However, large projection errors are more likely in less populated payment units, and much less weight is given to these payment units in the computation of MAPE values.
I believe MAPE will be a good owner of the Leganes plant," he continues.
MAPE is constructed by amending Shiller's CAPE with three variables: inflation, long-term interest rate shifts, and Trade-Weighted U.
Mape said that the issue would improve the trading dynamics for the bank's common shareholders, while providing incremental equity to the bank.
The diameter of the extrudates were measured after 24 h of extrusion, and the corresponding effect of shear rate, fiber loading, and addition of MAPE on the swelling behavior of HDPE matrix was examined.
Poulton Park, winners of the team event at 2007 Cheshire Junior Championship (left to right) Poulton Park's Captain Des Kelly, Christopher Mape, Thomas O'Hara, David Myatt, Junior Organiser Mike Hall and Secretary David Owen
While the HDPE-based MAPEs lower the CTE of the composites, all four MAPEs lead to a drop in HDT compared with the noncompatibilized system, especially for the LLDPE-based MAPE compatibilized ones.
1] for formulations with either the lubricants alone or together with MAPE.
Among the first to join the team are Robert Mape, who spent the past four years as Senior Editor of the Television Division at Trailer Park, Hollywood; and Steve Beal, who headed New York-based shop, Bionic.
0] [approximately] w data of neat and filled HDPE without MAPE reveals an extrapolated density value of 1404 kg/[m.