MarGIMars Geochemical Instrument
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Both Ian and Margi have proven their capabilities in running their departments efficiently and innovatively.
Quizzed by Working Class Diva - The CALM tour kicks off this Friday (Jan 30) at the Bleak House pub, in Park Hill Road, off Mill Street, with Margi overseeing proceedings in her own inimitable fashion.
Panto star Margi Clarke said "After playing Carabas at Rhyl Pavilion last Christmas, I am so excited to be back coming home for Christmas in North Wales to the fabulous Stiwt Theatre as Fleshcreep.
Margi, mum to grown-up daughter Rowan, added: "I used to be a barmaid.
Margi, mum to grown-up daughter Rowan, added: "I used to be a barmaid so it's a bit like getting back on a bike - you never really forget how to ride it.
Margi Clarke as the Bad Fairy and co-stars Sean Jones, from Denbigh, as Silly Billy (inset left) and Jessica Punch as Sleeping Beauty (inset right)
Margi and the rest of the hilarious cast promises to take the audience on a well known journey as they battle men, weight gain, weight loss, mood swings, chocolate, wine, PMS, going to the gym, waxing, stretch marks, chocolate and all the other joys of being a 21st century girl.
According to Margi Berbari, the firm's co-founder, as the economy changed HotWire did as well.
Retracing the childhood steps she shared with Pamela, playing in Saltwell Park, Gateshead, Margi, 56, said: "This whole thing has destroyed my life.
There's something about sitting down at the table and smelling a plant's freshness or the scent of herbs," says Margi.
Anyone who can lend interesting footwear for the show should contact Margi by February 5 on (01670) 533335 or by emailing BBB@woodhorn.