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MARASInternational Conference on Mobile and Rapidly Assembled Structures
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When you look at the options available and you look at the amount of patients, it's not exactly the same as an ER with a train wreck,'' Maras said.
A large number of migrating children as well as adults "are seeking peace, are seeking tranquility, are seeking forms of work that don't imply paying the famous 'war tax,' for example, as it happens to transporters, many of whom have been murdered for not covering the 'war-tax' quota," Zelaya further explained, referring to the tolls charged by maras to drivers for safe passage through sectors of cities they control.
The large vending and foodservice operations are beginning to use cashless vending as a competitive tool to win accounts," Maras says in the latest edition of Automatic Merchandiser Online.
Gang leaders from MS-13, Barrio 18, and three other maras officially accepted the proposal two weeks later, praising it in their own written statement as a "realistic and objective" way to tackle the country's ongoing violence epidemic.
In a written statement released Wednesday, the Command Post said that in the recent days certain news stories were published regarding the cleaning activities in closed Maras region.
Kozik and Maras provide common sense tips about preparing for a move, whether cross-town or cross-country, and making it seamless and less stressful:
Musa said if the baby was a boy he would name it Ali after the mayor of Kharaman Maras who has promised the couple a house and a job.
The expansion of international drug-trafficking operations, the proliferation of violent maras, and the availability of guns are among the obvious elements fueling the killings.
In a cover story, the Editor, Elliott Maras, of Automatic Merchandiser, a leading trade publication to the vending industry wrote "Explores cashless vending as the next big thing".
More than 200 youths protested outside Musa's home in Kahraman Maras as anger grew at attempts to end the marriage.
Recent events have taught valuable lessons in preparedness and the need for interagency cooperation in the development of communication technology that is interoperable, facilitates collaboration, and augments human resources," said Catherine Maras O'Leary, CIO, Cook County.