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MARIMiddle American Research Institute (Tulane University)
MARIMaryland Artificial Reef Initiative
MARIMortgage Asset Research Institute, Inc.
MARIMexico City Air Quality Research Initiative
MARIMwara Agricultural Research Institute (Indonesia)
MARIMaros Agricultural Research Institute (Indonesia)
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Soon, Keone and Mari started posting more videos on their shared channel, and their popularity steadily progressed over the next few years.
What makes the MaRI structure innovative is that it provides Marsh clients with direct access to the capital markets through a highly-rated ACE delivery vehicle.
The evidence gathered from Mari, indicate that it had been occupied from before the 3rd millennium B.
On top of filming for four months, Mari, who is an only child, had three hours' tutoring every day to keep up with her schoolwork.
Albino was born in Piacenza, Italy son of the late Alberto and Giuseppina (Lavecchia) Mari and came to the United States in 1955 where he settled in Worcester.
The mortgage industry is currently in a volatile state, as many constituents try to protect themselves from criminals who continue to use these turbulent times as an opportunity to commit new fraud and inflict additional financial damage on our nation's lenders," according to the MARI report.
Five-year-old Mari Luz vanished on January 13 after going to buy sweets from a stall only yards from her front door in Huelva.
Mari Sandoz was a prolific chronicler of western plains life (see article in this issue by book's author).
The Congress will be arranged by Mari State University together with Committee of Fenno-Ugric Studies of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Sciences, Fund for the Support of Fenno-Ugristics of the Republic of Mari El.
color) Mari Inukai works in her cubicle at CalArts.
Jane Horrocks, who played Bubble, the airhead assistant to Edina Monsoon on cable TV's Absolutely Fabulous) revels in the vintage glories of her late father's album collection--Judy, Ella, Billie, Frank--while downstairs her blowsy mom, Mari (Brenda Blethyn), shakes her booty to Tom Jones.