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MARRESManual Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation System
MARRESMarine Reserves (US Military)
MARRESManual Radar Reconnaissance Exploitation System/Segment
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John Kitzhaber, who began the push for marine reserves during his first two terms, has worked hard to win the support of coastal leaders, businesses and commercial fishing groups.
Last year, Scott became a member of the Royal Marine Reserves, a position for which he had strived since he was a youngster.
Bertrand joined the Marine Reserves in 1997, and was activated for duty in February 2002.
Anyone doubting the importance of establishing marine reserves to restore depleted fish species off the Oregon Coast should consider a recent study showing that the fish population in an area off the southern tip of Baja California has rebounded by 463 percent in the 10 years since it became a marine reserve.
Sportfishing organizations had joined commercial fishing groups in a suit against the commission and the DFG to halt implementation of the controversial marine reserves that will close about 175-square miles of ocean at the Channel Islands to all fishing.
The nature of compromise is that all parties settle for less than they want, and by that standard the Ocean Policy Advisory Council's plan for three new marine reserves off the coast of Oregon is a success.
Though not happy about the increases, ocean anglers seem more concerned about the impact of the six-month closure of fishing for most rockfish, as well as the setting aside of 20 percent of state water around the Channel Islands for marine reserves.
NEWPORT - Members of a state advisory council on Tuesday overwhelmingly signed off on three new marine reserves that could mean severe restrictions in what can happen in the affected swaths of the Pacific Ocean - provided they are officially adopted by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife or state Legislature.
Tubli Bay, Dohat Arad, Mashtan Islands, Hawar Islands, Bulthama Reef and the Northern Marine Reserves covering Najwat Bulthama and the Hayr pearl oyster beds are Bahrain's protected marine reserves.
15 (BNA): Chief Executive of the Supreme Council for Environment, Dr Mohammed Mubarak Bin-Dainah, stressed that Bahrain's announcement of Northern Herat as nature reserves areas reflects the royal interest in conserving the national marine reserves and natural resources.
This latest Federal Government Marine Reserves review proposes to cut protections for our marine life and their habitat.
The creation of new marine reserves and protected areas around British overseas territories will double the amount of UK ocean under protection to more than four million square kilometres (1.
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