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MMFMedjunarodni Monetarni Fond (Croatian: International Monetary Fund)
MMFMultimedia Fusion
MMFMulti-Mode Fiber
MMFMoney Market Fund
MMFMycophenolate Mofetil (immunosupressant drug)
MMFMemphis May Fire (band)
MMFMulti-Manager Fund
MMFMake Money Fast (scam)
MMFMobile Maintenance Facility
MMFMobility Management Function
MMFMobile Music Format
MMFMicrosoft Message File
MMFMail Message File
MMFMulti Media Fusion
MMFMultiple Master Font
MMFMulti Media Framework
MMFMulti Mode Optical Fiber
MMFMessage Management File
MMFMulti Media File
MMFMulti Media Forum
MMFMale, Male, Female
MMFManitoba Metis Federation
MMFMarche Mondiale des Femmes (French: World Women's March)
MMFMobile Manufacturers Forum
MMFMarshmallow Fondant
MMFMagnetomotive Force
MMFMusic Managers Forum (various locations)
MMFMulti-Scale Modeling Framework (meteorology)
MMFMemory Mapped File
MMFMeredith Music Festival (Australia)
MMFMouvement Montréal Français (French: Montreal French Movement; Canada)
MMFMobile Marketing Forum (Mobile Marketing Association)
MMFMy Most Favorite
MMFMori Memorial Foundation (Japan)
MMFMilitary Medical Facility
MMFMy Medical Files (health informatics system)
MMFMoney, Macroeconomics and Finance (various schools)
MMFMaxillomandibular Fixation
MMFmultimedia filter
MMFMissions and Means Framework
MMFMatsumoto Music Festival (Japan)
MMFMorgan-Mercer-Flodin (sigmoidal four parameter mathematical growth model)
MMFMinimal Marketable Feature (software value measure)
MMFMabel Mercer Foundation (New York, NY)
MMFMacroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues
MMFMercy Medflight
MMFMajor Metal Fab (Wheeling, IL)
MMFManufacturer's Maintenance Facility
MMFMicro Micro Farad (electronics)
MMFMidwest Mastiff Fanciers
MMFMeet-Me Facility (D-mark room/floor/building)
MMFMultimedia Formats Interface
MMFMilitary Modeling Framework
MMFMode Mismatch Failure
MMFMichigan Motor Freight Company
MMFMaster Manufacturing Formula
MMFMobile Missile/Meteorological Facility
MMFMobile Maintenance/Module Facility
MMFMultifamily Mortgage Finance
MMFMaster Message File
MMFMultinational Maritime Force
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Sourabh Arora, vice-president and head of Alternate Channel Business Development of Birla Sun Life MF, said his company is all set to offer all the required support to market mutual fund plans through the branches of the bank.
Total US money market mutual fund assets fell by $3.
These include the Asset-Backed Commercial Paper Money Market Mutual Fund Liquidity Facility (AMLF), the Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF), the Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF), and the Term Securities Lending Facility (TSLF).
If you opt for a liquid, easy-to-cash-in solution such as a money market mutual fund, you can expect a low rate of interest in return--less than 1% according to iMoneyNet, a Website that tracks the market.
has selected Total Bank Solutions (TBS) to create a next-generation insured cash sweep solution on the company's platform that will help advisors and clients prepare for impending money market mutual fund reform, enacted by the SEC, the company said.
The Investment Company Institute (ICI) on has issued the following money market mutual fund assets report.
Shift allocation to 70% to 75% in growth stock mutual funds; 15% to 20% in biotech stocks; and 10% in an emergency savings account or money market mutual fund.
29 March 2011 -- Indonesian credit rating agency PEFINDO has upheld the idA+f credit quality rating on open-ended money market mutual fund PNM Pasar Uang Andalan Saya, managed by PT PNM Investment Management.
Emergency fund: Most experts recommend a stash of six to nine months' worth of living expenses in a liquid account, such as a money market mutual fund.
It added that the acquisition was a significant step within its strategic growth plans and would further expand its diversified money market mutual fund and FDIC insured offerings.
7 March 2011 -- Indonesian credit rating agency PEFINDO has lowered its credit quality rating on open-ended money market mutual fund Batavia Dana Kas Maxima to idAAf from idAA+f.