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MaWiMaterialwirtschaft (German: stock management)
MaWiMarktwirtschaft (German: Free-market economy)
MAWIMotorola Advanced Wideband Interface
MAWIMeasurement and Analysis on the Wide Internet (Hamburg, Germany)
MAWIMulti-Scale Assessment of Watershed Integrity
MAWIMuslim Association of West Island (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
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Tradition und globale Perspektiven der sozialen Marktwirtschaft, Frankfurt/New York, Campus.
See his article "Soziale Marktwirtschaft, Wirschaftsspiegel (Wiesbaden), December 15, 1947.
The fantastic revival in German fortunes is generally held to be a result of his policy of Marktwirtschaft (market economy).
The Hegelian concept of a market economy with a social component is enshrined in the modern German constitution, which proclaims that the Federal Republic is to be a Soziale Marktwirtschaft, or "social market economy.
Experiences and perspectives after fourty years of social market economy were re-examined at the annual meeting of the German Economic Association in 1988: Wahrungsreform und soziale Marktwirtschaft.
The first, the welfare state, implies also the idea of a Soziale Marktwirtschaft (social market economy), which is even perceived as a CDU invention.
Kapitalismus--Eine Liebeserklarung: Warum die Marktwirtschaft Uns Allen Nutzt
1991), Privatisierung in Mittel- und Osteuropa: Konzepte fur den Hindernislauf zur Marktwirtschaft, Kiel, Discussion Paper No.
The Soziale Marktwirtschaft, supported and developed by both social democrats and Christian democrats, was centrally committed to the establishment of the conditions for fair market competition - including the practice of codetermination by employers and employees - and to a substantial and effective social welfare safety net.
Alfred Muller-Armack, "Soziale Marktwirtschaft," in Handworterbuch der Sozial-wissenschaften 9, 243-49, 243 (Stuttgart: Fischer 1956) [Witt's translation of the entry "Social Market Economy" in the Handworterbuch der Sozialwissen-schaften in "Germany's 'Social Market Economy': Between Rent-Seeking and Social Ethos," 367].
Some important examples: the Heritage Foundation (USA), the Manhattan Institute (USA), the Fraser Institute (Canada), Stiftung Marktwirtschaft (Germany), Center for a New Europe (Brussels).
Speth, Rudolf (2004): Die politischen Strategien der Initiative Neue Soziale Marktwirtschaft, Dusseldorf: Hans-Bockler-Stiftung.