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MASAMedical Association of the State of Alabama
MASAMichigan Association of School Administrators
MASAMinnesota Association of School Administrators
MASAMissouri Association of School Administrators
MASAMothers Against Sexual Abuse
MASAMedical Air Services Association (Southlake, Texas)
MASAMen Against Sexual Assault
MASAMedical Association of South Africa (RSA)
MASAMexican American Student Association
MASAMilwaukee Area Skywarn Association
MASAManassas Area Soccer Association (Manassas, Virginia)
MASAMesures Actives de Sûreté Aérienne (French: Active Air Defence Measures)
MASAModular Avionics System Architecture
MASAMail Advertisers Service Association
MASAMember of the Acoustical Society of America
MASAMalaysian Achehnese Students Association
MASASeaman Apprentice, Machine Accountant Striker (Naval Rating)
MASAMusicians Against Substance Abuse
MASAMid-America Soccer Association (Overland Park, Kansas)
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MITF is a joint initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Education, Masa Israel Journey, and The Jewish Agency for Israel.
When reminiscing the accomplishments that the MASA Assist team has achieved during the past year, it became clear that the real value of the Annual Meeting lied in our ability to continue to build a strong team and that provides fast, responsive service whenever we are needed.
Functional properties of rice grains, (the major raw material used for masa production) were water absorption capacity [9], foam capacity and stability [10], gelling temperature, gelation capacity and loaf volume was also analyzed [9].
MASA press contacts: Eric Giaretto, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, MASA Group - tel: +33680264240, e-mail: eric.
The girls take turns mixing and kneading the masa by hand.
Los pacientes en DP tenian mas masa grasa, masa celular y masa muscular medida en Kg totales pero no existian diferencias en los porcentajes.
Nonetheless, Masa assimilated with astounding ease.
Sheu disclosed that Al Masa ITD's expansion initiatives in Saudi have been endorsed by its key vendor partners, including Acer, AMD, HP, Avaya, Juniper, Seagate and ViewSonic, among others.
With more than 25 years' experience in selling overseas property and more than 30,000 satisfied customers, Masa International has all the credentials necessary to align itself with the top name in UK property services.
Masa sits in a cramped mini-mall at Oxnard Street on the northeast corner of the intersection which, incidentally, also houses a popular little Middle Eastern eatery called Skaf's Grill.
MASA possesses unrivalled local knowledge, with over 380 staff whose expertise is focused entirely on the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and Almeria regions.
Caption(s): The setting of Masa restaurant is fit for royalty or tycoons, whomever can afford to dine there these days.