MassMEPMassachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Worcester, Massachusetts)
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MassMEP and other organizations in Massachusetts (link is external) will host events throughout the month of October.
MassMEPs proposal was reviewed by government and independent experts and evaluated against a number of criteria, including demonstration of a thorough understanding of market needs and how proposed service offerings would meet those needs.
Rentsch at the December meeting of the MassMEP board of directors.
MassMEP, or Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership, is a leading resource for manufacturing companies in Massachusetts.
MassMEP, part of the national NIST MEP system, transforms companies through solutions focused on innovative growth, operational excellence, and workforce development.
26 from speaking with MassMEP Administrative Operations Manager Kathie Mahoney, MassMEP is one of 50 organizations in each U.
MassMEP is known for helping manufacturing companies to improve their efficiency by teaching them to apply a technique known as lean manufacturing.
During a presentation that included speakers, movies and tours at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Wednesday morning, MassMEP and WPI announced that the two institutions are giving a $2.
MassMEP, which is a group of 115 members who coordinate with schools, government and employers to advance training, perception and connections for manufacturing students and companies, is a "grassroots effort'' that started two years ago.
MassMEP has announced that Richard LeSavoy has joined the organization as the regional manager for Northeast Massachusetts.
The Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership, or MassMEP, said Monday its clients estimated that MassMEP's assistance led to the creation of 510 new jobs, the retention of 1,619 jobs and the reduction or avoidance of $10.