MassMEPMassachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership (Worcester, Massachusetts)
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Rentsch at the December meeting of the MassMEP board of directors.
By joining with MassMEP and Smith & Wesson, the DVS provides certain veterans training programs that prepare men and women for jobs in the manufacturing industry.
Constellation Energy's national leadership and expertise in energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions will enhance the competitiveness of Massachusetts' manufacturers," said Jack Healy, director of MassMEP, based in Worcester, MA.
The training is conducted over a period of two weeks in a state-of-the-art mobile training facility stationed by MassMEP on Smith & Wesson property.
We are proud to join with MassMEP and Smith & Wesson to put Massachusetts' veterans back to work," said Secretary of Veterans Services Coleman Nee.
CONTACT: Jack Healy of MassMEP, +1-508-831-7020 ext.
MassMEP, or Massachusetts Manufacturing Extension Partnership, is a leading resource for manufacturing companies in Massachusetts.
MassMEP, part of the national NIST MEP system, transforms companies through solutions focused on innovative growth, operational excellence, and workforce development.
MassMEP will hold a Team Involvement Problem Solving workshop from 8 a.
It's an opportunity for us to bring world-class training offerings through MassMEP to the small- and medium-size manufacturers in the Southbridge area that have those overlapping training needs,'' Mr.
MassMEP will hold a skill-building workshop from 8 a.
26 from speaking with MassMEP Administrative Operations Manager Kathie Mahoney, MassMEP is one of 50 organizations in each U.