MassportMassachusetts Port Authority
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AECOM has decades of experience working with Massport at Boston Logan and Terminal E, most recently with the completion of the A380 accommodation and overall terminal renovation project.
Massport, which owns and operates the airport, said a year ago that the improvements could cost $30 million.
Massport representatives attended an Earth Day conference in Dallas this past spring, and generated a lot of interest in their renewable energy measures.
Massport said it was disappointed in the ruling but confirmed the airport had not yet decided whether to appeal.
Massport proposes an initial fee of $150 for arrivals and departures during the peak hours of the day when the programme is triggered.
In 1999, however, Massport gave permission to regional air carrier Shuttle America to begin commercial service of small jets to three regional destinations: Buffalo, New York; Trenton, New Jersey; and Greensboro, North Carolina.
To fill this void, Massport took the SAMI system one step further by adding a geographic information system component.
Massport maintains a strong infrastructure development program with manageable capital requirements and relatively minimal needs for future general revenue and PFC borrowings.
Massport waived $349,000 in fees for JetBlue during its first year at Worcester Regional Airport.
The installation of the ZOLL AED Plus devices is part of a safety policy initiative to make automated external defibrillators (AEDs) more accessible to travelers and Massport employees when sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) occurs.
were the lucky 100,000th passengers and will be receiving a gift basket from the Massachusetts Port Authority, owner of Worcester's airport, according to a Massport press release.