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M/SMeter(s) per Second
M/SModeling and Simulation
M/SMail Stop (postal abbreviation)
M/SMessieurs (plural of Mister)
M/Smiles per second
M/SMotor Ship
M/SMiniature Sheet (of stamps)
M/SMessage Switch
M/SMonths After Sight
M/SMedia and Status
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I asked him if he was fully prepared to try and explain to others that he, as a young black American, was a slave in a Master/slave relationship and was he prepared for the backlash that would ensue?
The HRD option provides higher availability and better, more predictable performance compared to the Master/Slave Datastore, the blog post said.
They are priced at 600 yen each, much lower than the master/slave ASIC at 1,600 yen a piece, because they have a smaller die size due to the smaller number of gates required as a result of removing the master function.
The host bus adapter is the true bus master and uses the master/slave status of the drives to route requests to the correct device and to determine the boot device.
Multiple networks can be organized as multi level master/slave architectures, or even as daisy chains along a pipeline spanning hundreds of miles.
And so it is with the language of the robodogs, which should provide the emotional narrative necessary to create the Illusion of sentience and alliance at the crux of the master/slave relation we call pet ownership.
The problems of extrapolating from statutory law and court actions the nature of master/slave relations plague Kay and Cary's work in other ways.
To do this process justice, we need to add to the peaceful process of the Spirit's "memorization" of its Other the more agonistic model of the master/slave dialectic.
SyncSwitch TC100 Optimizes IEEE 1588 PTP Master/Slave Synchronization for Extreme PTP Accuracy for Government, Military, Aerospace and Test and Measurement Applications
Up to three PX1500-4 boards can interconnect in a master/slave configuration.
The H4-ECOM100, priced at $359, can be inserted into any I/0 slot of any local DL405 base, including expansion bases when using the DL450 CPU and -1 bases, to implement master/slave Ethernet communication at 10 or 100 Mbit data rates.
These waveform digitizers feature 8M samples of on-board acquisition memory, which is said to be eight times higher than earlier models, and which also allow synchronization of multiple digitizer cards in the same chassis to yield up to 16 simultaneous channels, owing to the company's Master/Slave Interconnect technology.