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Master/slave or Mistress/ slave--these are the second most common of the D/s relationships and are the most common relationship in the het BDSM community.
The HRD option provides higher availability and better, more predictable performance compared to the Master/Slave Datastore, the blog post said.
They are priced at 600 yen each, much lower than the master/slave ASIC at 1,600 yen a piece, because they have a smaller die size due to the smaller number of gates required as a result of removing the master function.
Still, this master/slave dichotomy mainly works as an organizing principle, and the occasional slippage into an overvaluing of Lukacs and a devaluing of Bakhtin does not detract from the overall impact of the work.
This connection strategy also negates the need for master/slave jumper settings on devices.
Multiple networks can be organized as multi level master/slave architectures, or even as daisy chains along a pipeline spanning hundreds of miles.
And so it is with the language of the robodogs, which should provide the emotional narrative necessary to create the Illusion of sentience and alliance at the crux of the master/slave relation we call pet ownership.
To avoid being completely theoretical, Richey follows the relationship of one specific master/slave relationship, Robert and Mary Dante, and their slave-in-training, Mercedes, which vacillates between menage a trois to fromage a trois, depending on one's viewpoint.
When functioning in a master/slave mode, the DSR8880 can be configured with up to three additional four-drive 8X CD-Recorder slave units for a total of 16 8X recorders duplicating simultaneously.
The problems of extrapolating from statutory law and court actions the nature of master/slave relations plague Kay and Cary's work in other ways.
Master/Slave configuration for paralleling up to four PwrSoC devices for greater power output (up to 24A for the EN5364, and 36A for the EN5394)
Tenders are invited for Supply of Modbus Master/Slave to Profibus Slave Gateway, details as per annexure.