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M-SMid-Side (stereo recording technique)
M-SMiznay-Shardin (mine plate charge)
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If, as stated earlier, his approach is grounded in economics and not the religious/civilizational perspectives criticized, why is it hinged on the metaphysical assignation of the master-slave model?
Interactive Coding Equipment has launched a new master-slave capability that allows multiple coders to be connected together into a single integrated coding system.
Using one independent channel for each of the four drives eliminates the master-slave drive configuration used on two-channel controllers, enabling greater cable flexibility, improving data throughput, and providing hot-swap support in a RAID 0+1 set-up when paired with Promise's SuperSwap 1000 hot-swap drive enclosure.
In fact, OTG is not a true peering interface: there is still a master-slave relationship between devices, says the USB-IF's Ziller, so one will still need the necessary logic to fulfill the host role.
Kojeve's analysis of Hegel's thoughts on the Master-Slave relationship, an interdependent one, would resurface in Klossowski's later work.
My work is an exploration of the master-slave dialectic in Hegel, and it's firmly rooted in the classical Western tradition" says Yegge.
2] Beauvoir's engagement with Hegel focuses on his famous master-slave dialectic, found in his Phenomenology of Spirit.
As in the playing out of the master-slave dialectic (between individuals and nations), this struggle makes a certain type of consciousness and relationality possible, a type that is by no means the highest or only form.
With the HA option, two units are installed in a master-slave configuration, so that should a unit or link become unavailable, there will be no impact on the network or the data.
Contract notice: Maintenance of manipulators, master-slave and remote controls, specific lifting units and equipment cea saclay facilities and fontenay aux roses.
Unless accounted for, this timestamp offset will contribute to the master-slave offset.
Sado-masochist Charles Henson said Allison Phelps, 40, had breached their master-slave contract by leaving him for antiques dealer Michael Phelps.
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