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M-SMid-Side (stereo recording technique)
M-SMiznay-Shardin (mine plate charge)
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If, as stated earlier, his approach is grounded in economics and not the religious/civilizational perspectives criticized, why is it hinged on the metaphysical assignation of the master-slave model?
The Master-Slave feature is in addition to ICE equipment's existing facilities for full integration into factory IT systems, using Claricom's industry standard CLARINET packaging coding control software.
In fact, OTG is not a true peering interface: there is still a master-slave relationship between devices, says the USB-IF's Ziller, so one will still need the necessary logic to fulfill the host role.
Kojeve's analysis of Hegel's thoughts on the Master-Slave relationship, an interdependent one, would resurface in Klossowski's later work.
My work is an exploration of the master-slave dialectic in Hegel, and it's firmly rooted in the classical Western tradition" says Yegge.
With the HA option, two units are installed in a master-slave configuration, so that should a unit or link become unavailable, there will be no impact on the network or the data.
Contract notice: Maintenance and works with master-slave manipulator to electronic in a decontamination facility.
The encyclopedia's approximately 240 scholarly essays are arranged thematically and provide treatment of life in Africa, capture, and the Middle Passage; the slave trade and the slave economy; the different types and systems of slave work; family structures, relationships among slaves, master-slave relationships, and the internal slave economy; song and dance, crafts and slave handicrafts, expressions of African heritage, games, holidays and celebrations, and customs and practices; religion; health, medicine, and nutrition; regulation of the institutions of slavery and decisions leading to emancipation; forms of resistance and rebellion; reactions to slavery in the wider culture; the geography of slavery; and slavery in the American Revolution and the Civil War.
Sado-masochist Charles Henson said Allison Phelps, 40, had breached their master-slave contract by leaving him for antiques dealer Michael Phelps.
For Robinson, the master-slave relation served as the linchpin of antebellum southern society, the decisive force behind secessionism, and the conservative dynamic that powered an evolving southern nationalism.
However, the strength of this book is his analysis of the social and economic relations in the South beyond the master-slave divide.
The most common use of master-slave in PCs is the identification of hard drives, where you can have a primary-master, primary-slave, secondary-master and secondary-slave.
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