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MATHMLMathematical Markup Language
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The ISO/IEC recognition is expected to increase internationally harmonized adoption of MathML not only by standards bodies, governments, and the scientific and academic communities, but also by browser makers, educational publishers, and the broader Web community.
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MathML is a W3C standard that can be embedded in web pages for the display of mathematical equations and to allow exchange of information between mathematical programs, e.
Their definition and presentation, however, is not consistent, because there are several ways to define equations; these include MathML (W3C, 2002) and Latex.
Mathcad 2001, a major new version of the software application for applying mathematics offers, new development tools, simulation capabilities, and support of MathML (Mathematical Mark-up Language), the first XML standard to he approved by the World Wide Web Consortium.
Mathematical equations can be written using notation like $X=theta(y)_2$ that is similar to TeX; these equations can be translated into HTML or MathML.
OASIS members demonstrated many facets of ODF including its use of existing open standards such as RDF for metadata, MathML for mathematic expressions, and XForms for forms data.
Displaying mathematics and science online is challenging because of limited and inconsistent browser support for web standards such as MathML," said Peter Krautzberger, MathJax Manager.
0 include an updated Firefox[TM] engine, HTML5, SVG, Canvas, MathML and vastly improved font rendering.
2 also includes a new MathML module for the import, use and publishing of MathML structure and content, helping further enhance XPP's capabilities to add value to XML standards-based publishing work-flows.
The first development effort, which will be distributed by MathSoft, will enable the publishing of interactive technical documents as HTML with MathML, giving users a solution for posting interactive maths content on the Internet.
MathML support (required for Kinematics) is available as well.